The Calanques of Marseille with your family

Are you travelling with your family and want to discover the most beautiful Calanques of Marseille? To organise your trip to this mid-range mountain, you will find here all the advice and information you need to ensure that your visit takes place in the best conditions. You and your family will have unforgettable memories.

The Calanques by foot

There are an infinite number of trails in the massif with as many possibilities for tours. Here we propose 6 short and medium duration tours that are easily accessible and that offer breathtaking panoramas.

Which calanque to visit with your family?


  • Circuit Callelongue – Marseilleveyre Calanque (1h30 round trip)

The hike starts in Callelongue, here, it is the end of the world, the road stops and then begins the Calanques massif. It is the starting point of many hikes. You can get there by car or by public transport (get off at the terminus of the bus n°20). Callelongue is the first Calanque of the massif coming from the west: it shelters a small fishing port, some huts and the restaurant “la Grotte”. For this hike, you must follow the GR 98 path towards the Mounine Calanque and then Marseilleveyre. The trail runs along the sea and there is a beautiful view of the Riou archipelago. This itinerary is easy, the only difficulty is the smoothness of the rock which can be slippery in some places. On arrival, you will discover the  Marseilleveyre Calanque with its beach and its restaurant “Chez le Belge”. Return by the same route.

Circuit Luminy – Sugiton  (2h15 round trip)

This is certainly the most accessible hike, the trail is well marked and does not present any difficult passages: only the difference in altitude can be a deterrent (230 metres), especially on the way up, on the way back.
For those using public transport, it has the advantage of being served by the B21 bus, which arrives directly from the city centre. If you have a car, park in the university car park, the start of the trail is right next to it.
At the beginning, the way is a wide and shaded gravel track until the belvedere from where you can observe the Calanque of Morgiou. Then, the trail becomes a concrete road leading down to Sugiton. Halfway down, the calanque is revealed and the panorama reveals the emblematic rocky islet in the middle of the sea called “the Torpedo Boat” because of its resemblance to a warship. It is also sometimes called “The Swan”.

/!\ During the summer months, access to the Sugiton cove is limited and by reservation only.

Circuit Beaumettes – Sormiou (2 hours round trip)

The Calanque de Sormiou is one of the most beautiful of the Calanques National Park but also one of the most frequented by the people of Marseilles (it is one of the only ones, with the Calanque of Morgiou, to have a road serving it), partly because, with the Calanque de Morgiou, they are the only ones to have a road serving them.

During the summer, you should leave your car at the Baumettes car park and then take the hiking trail. Similarly, if you come by public transport, get off at the “Les Baumettes” bus stop on the 22 bus line as if you were going to Morgiou, but at the Baumettes park, you can take the red path that climbs up to the Baumettes pass before descending to Sormiou. This easy path runs along the ridge in places and will give you your best shots of the Calanque. The path continues into the heart of the calanque of Sormiou, winding its way between the cabanons of Marseille and crossing the small fishermen’s port. The two small beaches are quickly saturated, so don’t hesitate to take a seat on one of the rocks bordering the calanque to admire the magnificent limestone scenery, plunging into the turquoise waters and why not take a bath?

Circuit Luminy – Morgiou  (2h round trip)

Like its neighbour Sormiou, the Calanque of Morgiou has a small fishing port, huts and creeks with clear waters.
Outside the summer period, you can access it directly by car via the road that serves it and park directly in the cove. (Pay parking) In periods of restricted access, you will have to go there on foot by the hiking trails. There are several possible routes: we suggest you go via the Luminy domain. As for Sugiton, take the B21 bus directly from the town centre or if you have a car, park in the university car park and then take the footpath next to it. The departure is identical to the access to the Sugiton cove, but when you reach the fork in the road, turn right onto the Col des Escampons path to descend to Morgiou. The path ends at the end of the road to Morgiou, which is an opportunity to cross the small alleyways of cabanons before arriving at the port.

Circuit Port Miou – Port Pin (1h round trip)

For the departure of the hike to the Calanque of Port Miou, you can park directly on the spot (paying parking) and then take the path towards the Calanque of Port Pin (30 minutes walk) without any difficulty, except for the patinated rock and the roots which are on the ground.

The Calanque de Port Pin is a beautiful place with a sandy beach lined with Aleppo pines, turquoise waters and flat rocks on the shore where you can sit and enjoy the scenery.

The En Vau Calanque known as “la Superbe” (Between 3h and 4h round trip)

The Calanque of En Vau  is the “star” of the Calanques, it is undoubtedly the most photographed, it can be found on many postcards and on many Instagram posts. When you get there you will understand why…you will be amazed! We propose 2 tours, the longest ones, compared to the ones proposed above but paradise has to be earned, right?

1st option, the longest but the quietest
Park on the route de la Gineste, opposite the Carpiagne military camp, near the barrier. Walk for about 1 hour on the small winding road that leads to the car park near the La Fontasse youth hostel. The path itself begins at this second car park, passes near the youth hostel, crosses the garrigue facing the sea, then descends between the hills and cliffs to sea level, to end at the beach of the calanque. Count on about 45 minutes: the walk is easy, only the ascent on the way back can be painful, although it is not long. This route may be forbidden depending on the weather conditions (wind, high temperatures): it is always necessary to find out beforehand.

2nd option, shorter and more difficult (3h round trip from Port Miou)
To get there, park at Port Miou, cross Port Pin and continue towards En Vau.
From the beach of Port Pin, follow the blue route that goes along the cove on the right up to the point and leads to the Cadeiron plateau which dominates the fabulous cove of En Vau and offers exceptional views. You can stay on the plateau and enjoy the panorama, but be careful, if you wish to access the beach, the path that descends from the plateau to sea level in the cove is steep, the rock is slippery and slippery, and you sometimes have to use your hands and go down facing the rock: it is not recommended for small and inexperienced children (more than 100 metres of difference in height)

Useful information

It is highly recommended :
– Bring real hiking shoes, a cap or hat, sun cream and above all enough water for the whole family (min. 1.5 litres per person).
– Stay on the marked trails
– Check the accessibility of the paths before you leave, the day before at 6pm on the Prefecture’s website (especially in summer and when the wind is blowing)

– There is a mobile application “MesCalanques” which gives all the useful information about the Calanques National Park.

The Calanques by boat

The approach to the calanques by the sea offers a different view of the massif, you will discover the limestone cliffs which are offered to you, a unique and exceptional landscape.
This excursion can be complementary to a hike, but offers a magical and unforgettable view.

Maritime companies offer these excursions from Marseille and Cassis. In Marseille, the departure is from the Old Port, at the corner of the Quai des Belges and the Quai du Port with the company Croisières Marseille Calanques. With the company Bleu Evasion, departure is from the Port de la Pointe-Rouge.
Only a few companies are authorised to operate in the Calanques National Park (they can be recognised by the orange flag they fly). The park is a fragile and protected area, and it is important to respect the regulations.

The Calanques by Sea Kayak

The Calanques can also be discovered by sea. Several companies offer full-day or half-day kayak trips. An unforgettable experience to share with your family, combining the discovery of the Calanques National Park with swimming.
You will discover breathtaking landscapes in absolute calm (a little less calm in summer). This activity is accessible to everyone over 6 years old, no need to have an exceptional physical condition, everyone goes at his own speed. You will spend a truly unforgettable day with your family.