The Marseille Explorer's Guide

Discover our Marseille explorer’s guide to give you some advice to apply during your visit to Marseille in order to protect and safeguard the nature that surrounds us. A well thought-out stay is already a committed stay!

Planning your trip in advance

To make the most of your trip, you need to prepare it:

  • Favour intimate periods to fully benefit from your trip (the season wings September-October-November / March-April).
  • Check the tourist office website to find all the sustainable offers.
  • Keep in mind that the best waste is the one you don’t create: remember to take your water bottle, a reusable bag, for smokers a pocket ashtray, and a bag to store your rubbish if there is no rubbish bin.
  • Prefer a direct booking (without commission) for the place of accommodation or a committed platform allowing you to choose a Green Key type of establishment.

The sustainable practices of the Marseilles explorer!

To discover Marseille while protecting its environment and biodiversity, some small gestures are essential.

  • Keep in mind that the water of Marseille is of exceptional quality, taste it without moderation!
  • Consume local and quality food: Marseille is full of good gourmet addresses.
  • Being almost alone to enjoy the sunrise at Notre-Dame de la Garde or in the Calanques, what happiness! Make the right choice for your visiting hours.
  • Respect the road signs, which are there to protect the environment and heritage, not to bore you.
  • Don’t bother with paper guides or flyers, read them on site or online.
  • For your travels, have fun “switching” with all the soft mobility offers available to you: bus, tram, metro, bike and self-service scooter.
  • Nature is beautiful especially in nature: don’t bring back flowers, sand or shells. They are more useful in nature than at the bottom of your bag.