Calanque de Marseilleveyre

The Marseilleveyre calanque

close to Marseille and easy to reach

Discover a calanque close to Marseille and easy to access: the calanque of Marseilleveyre. With its magnificent view of the Riou archipelago, it promises you an easy hike in the creeks, in the middle of nature but so close to the city.

A cove close to Marseille and easy to reach

The hectic Marseille forgotten, we are here very close and so far from the urban agitation at the same time! A few blocks from the Old Port, we fall into a magnificent mineral landscape.

Marseilleveyre is the second of Marseille’s calanques, when you follow the coast. From the port of Callelongue, a 45-minute walk along the GR 98 path is enough to take you to a corner of paradise, along this coastal path, a real balcony over the sea!

The pebble and sandy beach is larger than the beaches of the neighbouring calanques, but still very busy due to its proximity to the town and easy access.

A dozen huts without water or electricity are still exceptional jewels in this wild cove at the gates of the second largest city in France. What a contrast! A very rustic life, far from the comfort of the city. Bathed in sunshine, often swept by the Mistral wind, populated by tourists or deserted, the Calanque de Marseilleveyre is all this at once!

From the calanque you have a magnificent view of the Riou archipelago and, further away, of Cap Canaille. The return to civilisation is easy by taking the large Malvallon.

Did you know ?

It is the eponymous 432 m peak above the sea which proudly gives its name to the calanque: “veyre” coming from the Provençal and meaning “to see”.  Indeed, it offers a sublime panorama over Marseille and its harbour.

A protected nature reserve

The Riou archipelago

As you walk along the footpath that links Callelongue to Marseilleveyre you will see the islets of Jaïre, Jaron and Calseraigne, and the island of Riou, with its imposing characteristic silhouette. This archipelago has belonged to the Conservatoire du Littoral since 1992 and is the subject of scientific studies on its biodiversity. Protected plant and animal species live there, such as the grey shearwater and the crested cormorant.

A diving mecca

The seabed of the Riou archipelago is a diver’s paradise! In addition to the drop-offs and caves which are home to a wide variety of fauna and flora, the area is rich in wrecks. It was here that Captain Cousteau carried out archaeological excavations and brought up numerous amphorae and Campanian ceramics, evidence of ancient trade, and that Luc Vanrell discovered the remains of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s plane.

An institution: the Chez le Belge restaurant

More than 30 years ago, a Belgian who loved the calanques had a touch of madness: to open a restaurant without electricity or telephone, right in the middle of nowhere! Since then, every year from June to October, walkers and bathers come to enjoy their meals on the terrace facing the sea. The cuisine is simple and hearty, served on a waxed tablecloth under the canisses, and gives you the strength to walk at least an hour and a half there and back! Find out more about the restaurant

Practical information

The recommendations for access remain the same for all the creeks: walking shoes, water, and control of the conditions of access before departure so that the visit is done in complete safety for you and to preserve the fragile balance of our creeks.