Téléphone mobile Mes Calanques Application
The new

App ' Mes calanques'

All the information on the Calanques National Park at your fingertips!

“Visit, discover, participate!”

Published on 11 August 2020

‘Mes Calanques’ is a mobile app for responsible visitors that will allow you to discover the natural and cultural heritage of the Calanques and to get involved in its preservation. Absolutely free, it is available on App Store et Google Play in French and in English.


A ‘smart’ app to visit the Calanques

‘Mes Calanques’ provides you with practical information to make your walk in the  Calanques a success. This multitude of information is displayed in a geolocalized way and in real-time!

You will be able to know at any time the conditions of access to the park in times of fire risk and to know if the access roads to the Calanques are open or closed via maps updated daily.

For more specific uses, such as outdoor sports and leisure activities (climbing, hiking, diving, recreational fishing, hunting, kayaking, boating, mountain biking), you will also have access to online maps indicating precisely under which conditions you can carry out your activities in the different sectors of the National Park.


So much information to discover the Calanques Heritages

You won’t be able to get lost anymore! 20 Itineraries and hiking trails are suggested with a geolocalisation option, you can follow your progress on the trails.

The Fauna and Flora are an integral part of the Calanques National park. That’s the reason why many fact sheets are available in order to introduce different kinds of species who live in the Calanques. Unusual information and quizzes will allow you to discover this rich heritage in a  fun way. During your walk, you can discover the little-known flowered lawns of Port-Miou on the diversity of natural habitats along the seafront.

The Calanques also belong to our cultural heritage, you can learn more about the history of the visited places thanks to the geolocalised point of interest revealing the secrets of the built heritage on the geological formation of the Calanques.

You have a  role to play as a citizen!

Thanks to participation features, you can share your observations, ask the National park a question and the user community can suggest ideas and actions, share your favorites. You can also report any dysfunction seen in the area.

Participation projects led by the National park or its partners are also announced by the app in order to recruit new volunteers who can also be involved in what they are interested in…

At last, the app gives you the chance to register in thematic communities ” Climbing”, “Diving” and “Hiking”. It is an amazing way to share information.