Practical Information

Find here all the practical information, advice, tips and approaches to prepare your stay in Marseille! Car parks, Wifi, arrival in Marseille or even luggage lockers and public toilets. Everything you need to anticipate and facilitate your stay in Marseille.

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Cruises departing from Marseille

Marseille is a major seaport with a variety of tourism, transport and logistics activities. The cruise port is booming, with a growing number of cruises every year, making it today the leading cruise port in France the leading cruise port in France and the 5th largest in the Mediterranean.

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Marseille’s tramway is an excellent way to get around the city. The network covers key areas of the city, offering convenient connectivity for residents and visitors alike. Streetcars generally run from 5:00 to midnight, with a frequency of approximately 5 to 10 minutes on weekdays and 10 to 15 minutes at weekends. Timetables may vary slightly depending on the day of the week and the time of year. Specific transport passes, such as day tickets and monthly subscriptions, are also available. The ticket price is set at €180. It is valid for a single journey and a one-hour connection to other streetcar, bus or metro lines.

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Our documentation

Find tourist maps and documents to download about the city of Marseille. Information at your fingertips that will be very useful during your stay in Marseille!

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Car parks

Marseille is full of car parks everywhere all around the city. Whether it is outside or Covered, find a suitable car park for your stay : in the city centre or near the stadium near Saint-Charles station, there is  something for everyone !

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Move around

There are many ways to get around in Marseille: taxis, car rental, public transport, sea shuttles…Organise all your travel needs for your stay in Marseille. The city is resolutely looking to the future by offering an increasingly wide and varied range of intra-and inter-urban transport services. The crucial challenge is to make the city easy, friendly and pleasant to live in for everyone: the municipality and the Metropolis are becoming more and more involved each year to achieve this. The recent pedestrianisation of a section of the Canebière and its adjacent streets testifies to this!

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Bateau de Croisière à Marseille et passagers

Access to Marseille Cruise Port

Find all the practical information to access the Marseille cruise port from the airport, the Saint-Charles train station and also with your personal vehicle. Are you stopping over in Marseille? We’ll tell you all about the free shuttle bus that takes you to the Joliette district.

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Navette Maritime marseille

Maritime shuttles in Marseille

Every year, from April to the end of September, you can take advantage of the maritime shuttle crossings. Whether they take you north or in the south, it is at the end of the world (from Marseille) that they will drop you off!

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Consulates in Marseille

Here is the list of consulates for each country in Marseille.

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WiFi sites in Marseille

The city of Marseille is resolutely digital, and for a few years now it has been offering free WiFi to all Marseille’s residents and visitors. Discover all the sites where WiFi is available, to surf the internet freely!

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Tourist office

In 1966, by prefectoral decree, Marseille created its own Municipal Tourist Office. 

The Metropolitan Office of Tourism and Conventions, a public establishment of an industrial and commercial nature (EPIC), is assimilated to a private management body, its administrative and financial structure enabling it to carry out local tourist activities.

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Bagages empilés

Luggage storage in Marseille

Whether you are arriving in Marseille, leaving or simply passing through, there are several options to drop off your luggage in a safe place and allow you to visit the city, light and carefree. In Marseille, we do everything to make your  life easier!

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Arriving in Marseille

Do you want to come to Marseille? Here are all the details that will help you to organise your stay in Marseille and to get there, whatever the means of transport you choose.

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The Low Emission Zone

The ZFE-m zone was introduced in Marseille on 1 September 2022. Find out what this means for travel by car, motorbike or camper van. Residents and visitors are concerned.

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Museums, activities, boat ...CityPass Marseille

Valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours, visit Marseille thanks to an all-inclusive formula!

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  • 35€*48h
  • 42€*72h
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