Entrée de la Calanques de Morgiou à Marseille, vue sur des bateaux

The Morgiou calanque

narrow and secretive

Discover the Calanque of Morgiou: located between Sormiou and Sugiton in the 9th district of the city of Marseille, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful creeks of Marseille. 

Discover the calanque

A corner of paradise in the heart of the calanques

Narrow, deep and secret, it can be reached on foot in about an hour from the Luminy massif. It can be reached by car via a vertiginous pass, worthy of a mountain pass. It is advisable to make sure of theaccess conditions in the calanques

before you start, because the regulations are very strict, especially in summer.

You can also visit the calanques by sea with the shuttles from the Vieux Port of Marseille.

Nature trails, a popular climbing area

The small pebble beach is just a few minutes away, allowing easy access to the fresh, crystal clear water of the calanque. It is often difficult to find a place to lay out one’s bath towel, so it is necessary to walk a little further and find a welcoming rock from which one can bathe. The inhabitants of Marseilles know that the water in the calanques is colder than elsewhere, due to an underground spring, or to the mistral wind blowing the day before, or even because of the underwater relief: refreshment is always guaranteed!

The GR98-51 crosses the cove and allows you to reach the Sugiton cove to the east in about 45 minutes. This path, very beautiful, has rocks with a patina, slippery due to the frequentation of hikers: it requires real hiking shoes.

It is not surprising to hear, as we walk, clattering and voices coming from nowhere: it is the climbers above our heads who are tackling the ledges, overhangs and other crevices in routes of one or more lengths.

On the opposite bank, the same hiking path climbs towards the Renard pass to the west, in the direction of Cap Morgiou, and joins the crest path. An easy stroll will take you to the Triperie cove, whose walls are impressively round and vertical. A magnificent panorama awaits you at the tip of the cape, over the string of calanques, the Devenson, and in the distance the red cliffs of Cap Canaille in Cassis. This is the domain of the gulls and the crows of the cliffs, which are here less disturbed by walkers.

Did you know ?

In the past, the fishmongers used to come and collect the fish in the cove on donkeys, to transport it to the town. This is why, in their honour, the inhabitants of the cove celebrate “Donkey Day” on certain years.

More about the calanque

Morgiou and its history

At the end of Cap Morgiou, the Triperie cove bears witness to the long history of this cove. Indeed, the Cosquer Cave, an underwater cave discovered by the diver Henri Cosquer, attests to the presence of humans some 28,000 years ago.

A formidable marine bestiary, with seals and penguins, was brought to light with this exceptional discovery, at a time when the sea was a few metres lower due to glaciation.

The cove also has some historical remains. The stone staircase at the level of the port, called Louis XIII’s staircase, testifies to the fact that Louis XIII came to the cove in 1622 to attend the madrague fishing, a tuna fishing using the madrague, the name of the net used for this fishing.

The main fishing port between Marseille and Cassis, the calanque was only linked to the town by land in 1959, when the fire road was built.

The art of living in Morgiou

120 cottages and 40 permanent residents still live in this little corner of paradise with its fragile balance. Here, there is no electricity, but rustic living conditions in cabins that live by the slow pulse of time. Cicada songs, turquoise waters, paths lined with agaves or prickly pear trees, living here is an art, coming here is a permanent enchantment.

Thirsty walkers and climbers are used to ending their walk with a friendly stop at the Nautic Bar, the only bar-restaurant in the cove, where it is good to warm up or cool down, depending on the season, with a cuisine based on fish and Provençal products (attention: credit cards not accepted).