Calanque De Port Pin

The Port-Pin calanque

and its famous Aleppo pines

The calanque of Port-Pin owes its name to the Aleppo pines which are very present in the Calanques massif.

It is the last calanque on the territory of Marseille from west to east: the next one, Port-Miou, depends on the commune of Cassis. It is close to En-Vau and is crossed by the GR98-51 long-distance hiking trail: walkers can reach it in about 45 minutes from the Presqu’île car park (fee required).

Discover the calanque

An idyllic setting, a haven of peace

A beach of white sand and pebbles, crystal-clear water reflecting the blue of the sky and the green of the forest, dazzling white rock, shaded by pine trees…It’s almost a world-creation landscape! Narrow and deep, it winds through the rock and its waters are cool, as everywhere in the calanques. Port-Pin is one of the few creeks with trees in the massif: bathing enthusiasts should arrive early in the summer to be able to spread out their towels as it is very popular!

The path to get there follows the GR98-51 itinerary: it is the easiest path (marked in red and white, it also leads to theEn-Vau calanque).

Be careful, some rocks have a patina due to the heavy use of the site, and many roots require good footwear. Access to the site is along the old Port-Miou quarry and along the path which, after a small hill, leads back down to Port-Pin.

A bit of history

This limestone known as “Cassis stone” is found in the old quarry that you walk along to access the calanque. It has a beautiful light beige colour, luminous, tending towards orange, and is very resistant. Omnipresent in Marseille, it was chosen for the paving of squares, the base of monuments, the edge of pavements… And of course for the kitchen sink, traditionally called “la pile”. The quarry was exploited from the 18th century to the beginning of the 1980s: the remains of the excavations attest to this along the path from the Port-Miou cove to the Pointe Cacau.

Did you know ?

If you choose to take the path on the left before descending to the cove, you will have a much better view of the Port-Miou cove, and once Port-Pin is in sight, it is possible to make a small diversions (about 150 m towards the Pointe de Cacau) to discover the local curiosity called “the blowing hole” or “Neptune’s nostril”. This is a hole in the rock on the ground, located above a semi-submerged cavity, which, under the effect of the waves that enter it, produces a powerful blast and a suction of air that can be heard several metres away.

How to access the Port-Pin on foot ? 

The hiking trail provides quick access to the cove as well as to the cove of En-Vau.

The path follows the route of the GR98-51: this is the easiest way.

If you have a car

Park in the private car park of the Presqu’île, which can be quickly saturated in the summer, or in the free car park of the Gorguettes at the entrance to Cassis. From there, a free shuttle bus will take you to the town centre (half an hour’s walk more).

If you come by public transport

It is difficult to get to the calanques by public transport from Cassis. Indeed, the only solution is to take the bus M8 from Prado Castellane, which takes you to the centre of Cassis (Gendarmerie stop). You then have to walk 45 minutes to reach the first cove of Port-Miou, then another 30 minutes to reach Port-Pin.

Discover the calanque of Port-Pin by sea

Access to the calanque of Port-Pin from Cassis

The bateliers of Cassis offer tours all year round from the Quai Saint-Pierre, which include the calanque of Port Pin. However, you cannot be dropped off in the calanque and walk back: you stay on board, or in season you can take a swimming break (circuit of 3 calanques in 45 minutes).

From the Vieux Port of Marseille

The company Croisières Marseille Calanques offers the possibility of discovering the entire Calanques massif as far as Port-Miou, for a duration of about 3h15.

By sea kayak or paddle

Sea kayaking and set-up paddling are an alternative way to glide peacefully along the coast and enter the Calanques. This sporty approach offers spectacular views and is respectful of the marine environment. Let yourself be guided by passionate professionals! (Lists available from the tourist offices in Marseille and Cassis).

Practicle informations

Port-Pin is in the heart Calanques National park : Respecting the regulations makes it possible to preserve this unique environment, to share it and to enjoy it in complete peace of mind. In summer, the risk of fire is high and the National Park may be closed. You should consult the website of the Bouches-du-Rhône or the app Mes Calanques to check that access to the Calanques is authorised.