Hiking in

and around Marseille

Marseille and its surroundings are full of beautiful hiking trails suitable for discovering the  Provence and the Mediterranean nature.  A privileged climate, breathtaking seaside landscapes and a region that inspired painters and writers.

Urban hikes in Marseille

Thanks to its vast territory, Marseille also offers urban walks. There are some real nuggets to be discovered within the city itself, bordering the sea, such as the Vallon des Auffes, Malmousque, or le Panier. It is possible to walk 3,7 kilometers along the  Corniche Kennedy offering a spectacular view of the harbour and the sea.  The metropolitan hiking trail GR2013 leads you through the districts of Marseille from the South-East to the North-West, highlighting the habitat, human activity and natural areas.

Hiking in the hills of Pagnol

Marseille is surrounded by natural massifs such as the Garlaban towards Aubagne which allows hikers to follow in the footsteps of Marcel Pagnol, or the Etoile massif, the Nerthe massif and the Saint Cyr range, which allow alternative walks, always offering beautiful panoramic views of the city and its surroundings.

Hiking on the Blue Coast

Also to discover for hiking enthusiasts, the Blue Coast, less known than the creeks but just as beautiful and picturesque. Pretty hikes facing Marseille and the sea are to be done, more accessible and easier than those of the Calanques massif.

Hiking in the Massif de la Sainte-Baume

There is also the Sainte Baume massif, a real jewel of the Provence which stands out among the other reliefs with its 1100 meter high limestone rock. It is partly occupied by a large deciduous forest, giving a little more freshness, humidity and protection from the wind. A small road crosses it which allows you to reach the Col de l’Espigoulier with its summit, a spendid view of Marseille and the sea.

Hiking in the Sainte-Victoire massif

The “mountain” Sainte-Victoire is cherished by the people of Aix-en-Provence. It marks the beginning of the Pays d’Aix. Stroll through  the sublime landscapes painted by Paul Cézanne, you could not feel more in the heart of the Provence.

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