Calanque de Sormiou à Marseille, Petit Port et barques, eau turquoise

Access rules to the Calanques

To preserve the fragile balance of the Calanques National Park, strict access rules are imposed depending on the seasons and weather conditions. Indeed, this National Park is a unique natural space between Marseille, Cassis and La Ciotat. Before leaving, it is advisable to bet well informed (weather forecast, possible closures, equipment, etc…). The regulations also concern the maritime sector.

Regulations on landThe Calanques National Parkis open from October 1st to May 31st unless it is closed exceptionally. From June 1st to September 30th, access to the massif is regulated by a Prefectoral decree due to high fire risks. Before you come it is preferable to enquire about the conditions from the Bouches-du-Rhône Prefecture, a map is put online daily, you can call  0811 20 13 13 or download the app « Mes Calanques ». A color code allows you to identify the authorisations to be present in the massif. Red traffic is forbidden even on foot.

Access roads to the Calanques

The roads to La Gardiole, Morgiou, Sormiou and Callelongue have additional regulations.  The  Gardiole road and the Cap Croisette road are closed all year round.
The Morgiou, Sormiou and Callelongue roads are closed every weekend and public holiday from 18 April to 26 May. Every day from 1 June to 30 September. Pedestrian access to these roads remains authorised under certain conditions.

Discover all the rules for accessing the Calanques National Park

If you want to go hiking, it is necessary to be well prepared. Take a map of the Calanques, good shoes, sunglasses, a hat, at least 1.5 litres of water per person, a telephone, a first aid kit, and if you  go alone, tell your friends and family of your departure.

Regulations at sea

Recreational navigation and maritime transport of passengers are highly regulated. The transport of passengers requires prior authorisation from the Calanques National Park. Thus, since 1 May 2020, only motorboats duly authorised by the National Park may be made available to visitors in the heart of the park by professional rental companies. Different signs can attest to the right of navigation of boats:

An orange sticker : Only passenger ships with this sticker are allowed to navigate in the calanques. (/!\ The absence of this sign is a sign of an illegal service and exposes you to prosecution. )
The flag and the blue sticker of the Esprit Parc National brand: they attest to the quality of the service offered.
A green sticker : it regulates the activity of hiring out motorboats. Only those who have this sticker are allowed to rent you a boat.

The speed is limited to 5 knots within  300 metres of the shore. Yellow buoys mark out restricted areas. Some areas are forbidden to anchor.

Good to know

It is everyone’s responsability to carry out activities in the calanques in accordance with the regulations, following the marked paths and taking care not to leave any waste. You will only be able to bring back photos and beautiful memories, picking is forbidden and may be fined.