Visite En Famille de Notre Dame de la Garde à Marseille, montée à la Basilique
During the summer vacations

Family activities in Marseille

You are with your family in Marseille this summer and you are looking for ideas to keep your children and teenagers busy ?  Don’t panic, here are some ideas that will help you have an unforgettable family holiday in the “Cité Phocéenne” ( which is the other name given to Marseille).

Published on 24 June 2021

Cool off on one of Marseille's many beaches

In Marseille, there are many places to swim, you’ll find sandy beaches, pebbles beaches or even rocks to play stuntmen…But to enjoy your family in complete safety, choose the beaches that are easily accessible and supervised, such as the Catalan beach, the Prado beaches, the Pointe Rouge beach or the Corbières beaches.

Walking in the parks and gardens

Are you looking for a green and fresh place to spend some time with your family ? Discover the parks and gardens of Marseille. There are more than sixty of them, spread throughout the city. For the first time this year, the “Parc Borély” will host a Food Truck village from the 10th of July to the 31st of August, enough to delight many during the picnic break !

Take to the sea on a sailing boat and swim in the deep blue sea

This summer, take to the sea with your family, far from the hustle and bustle of Marseille. Set sail on an exceptional sailing boat for an unforgettable day of relaxation and swimming. Discover the “Calanques of Marseille” as you have never seen them before!

Visit Marseille's museums and enjoy activities for young people

The museums of Marseille are free, in addition to the varied collections and temporary exhibitions, some offer activities for young people during the holidays, the themes are varied and often in line with the place visited. (Mucem, Château de la Buzine, Château Borely, Regards de Provence etc …) A very nice exhibition on the work of the contemporary artist  Jeff Koons is currently taking place at the” Mucem”, the children will certainly appreciate it !

Visit the Orange Velodrome Stadium

For fans of “Olympique de Marseille” or for the curious, the “Orange Vélodrome Stadium” offers tours of the stadium.  The stadium has the advantage of being close to the city centre. The visit of the stadium is fun and immersive, you will go through the changing rooms, the press conference room and you will enter to the pitch through the entrance of the players with the famous music of Van Halen for the Marseille fans. Moreover, if you are accompanying your children and you are  a fan of the Rolling Stones, until the 5th of September, an exceptional exhibition is taking place in the stadium, the perfect combo to satisfy the whole family !

Unravelling the mysteries of the "comte de Monté Cristo" on the If island

A unique place, a fortress facing the city. 30 minutes from the “Vieux-Port” (Old Port) by boat, the “Château d’If ” (If Castle) offers a breathtaking view of the bay of Marseille. Made famous by “Alexandre Dumas in ” Le Comte de Monté Cristo”, the If Castle ” Château d’If” has had several functions in its past ! Come and discover all its mysteries with your family ! Throughout the summer, tours for young people are offered.

Visit a soap factory and learn all about Marseille Soap

A fun and cultural visit, plus you can take home a nice souvenir of Marseille! What could be more “Marseillais”  than Marseille soap! Children will love it and will be able to learn all about the making and secret of the famous soap.

Go up to "Notre-Dame de la Garde" basilica on the tourist train

If there is one thing to see in Marseille, it is the famous Notre-Dame de la Garde basilica! All the means are good to go up there, on foot ( count 20 good minutes from the “Vieux-Port”), by bike, by bus (N°60),  but ideally if you have children, it is with the small tourist train, this one takes you from the “Vieux-Port” and leads you directly to the “La Bonne Mere – Good Mother”!

All about Street-Art in Marseille

Did you know that Marseille is a famous place for Stree-Art ? Well  yes, renowned street artists are increasingly making a stopover in the city of Marseille and festivals and other events are held every year in Marseille. The two key districts are le Panier and le Cours Julien. A family guided tour, the street-art in the “Cours Julien” has been proposed for several years by the Tourist Office of Marseille, it explains to the youngest this art form and its techniques.

Go to the other end of Marseille to eat "Chichis Frégis de l'Estaque"

Is it time for a snack? For a change from eternal ice cream ( certainly refreshing during the summer heat) go to the other end of Marseille, to  l’Estaque, to taste a ” specialité Marseillaise” ! The  “Chichis fregis” ! A real family outing ! First of all, take the maritime shuttle on the “Vieux-Port” (Old Port), it will take you straight to the port of  “l’Estaque”( district of Marseille), the crossing lasts 35 minutes and there are departures every hour (it circulates from April to September). When you arrive, head for one of the “Baraques Chichis Frégis”(Chichis stands)! A treat and if you feel like it, you can try  les Panisses !

Stroll along the Vieux-Port (Old Port) and attend the fish market

“Come and see my beautiful scorpion fish “! is what you are likely to hear if you take a walk along the “Vieux-Port” in the morning. As a family, it is best to go a little early, when the fishermen are arriving, the crowds are not yet there and the sun is not yet beating down. A real “Marseillaise immersion”, the market takes place every day from 8am to 1pm. Take a walk with your family and then head for the Town Hall  to make the world’s shortest boat crossing ever known, about 283 metres! Cross the harbour with the famous Ferry-Boat ! The crossing costs 0.50€ and lasts a few minutes.

Here are some ideas that will help you have a good stay in Marseille with your children, but these are only a few suggestions, there are still many things to discover !

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