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The new generation of grocery shops

Today in Marseille, everyone can have access to good local products thanks to the emergence of new fine grocery stores, all sensitive to the environment, ethic and responsable. Pierre Psaltis, the finest palate in Marseille and creator of the well-known culinary blog, le Grand Pastis, has selected his favorites for you.

Published on 3 January 2022

Epicerie l'Idéal

In the spring of 2016, Julia Sammut founded this grocery shop, a living place and popular fine gastronomy. She chose the Noailles district because it was the only setting suitable for hosting a grocery store as they  used to be, and as they are still seen in Italy. Her irreproachable selection of everyday products results from  delicious tastings:  mustards, olive oils, pasta, delicatessen, preverses, honey…Italy, France, Japan, Spain,  “everything is the fruit of encounters, I don’t limit myself  to any one territory, what matters is the relationship established with the producer ” says Julia. In addition to the market, you can also eat there and, from the welcome to the dessert, it is a guaranteed delight.
11 Rue d’Aubagne, 1er arr.


A few months ago, Saskia and Jill brought back to life a grocery store in the Lodi district. The two associates fell in love with this former bookshop and have preserved its imprint: repainted facade, wooden storage units, early 20th century carrocement…At the entrance, a collection of cookery and food books gives the “La” of French, Italian and Anglo-Saxon gastronomy…  At the back of the grocery’s store, gather all the producers whose portrait jill, a journalist in the culinary press, wrote. A gourmet cast with local products selected for the stories they tell. Without forgetting the  bouquets of Fleurs d’Arles by Marie Varenne : wild compositions with an incredible charm.
95, rue de Lodi, Marseille 6e arr.

Pissenlits, Chicorée et Roquette

Les Pissenlits, is a militant greengrocer with  Camille and Delphine at the helm, who wanted to bring together in one address fruit and vegetables picked up within a radius of 50km maximum. The two young women know their farmers: “We know who they are and what they do”, they say as a traceability label. “Our goal is to offer quality products at reasonable prices.  To achieve such prices, we work directly with the producers”, says Camille.  Since 2015, the Saint-Victor address has branched out to  Fontange’s street  (Chicorée) and has even opened  a ” peasant table”in the heart of the city (Roquette, rue Sainte).

Chez Fernand et Lily

Fernand and Lily set the tone for their brand, a local grocery store that is fundamentally and voluntarily  friendly, open and welcoming. All the products have been the subject of research both on the quality and on their origins. The taste buds will be exalted  by the quality  beer  coming from Zoumaï Brewery,  essential spreads for aperitifs from Timon and Sourrieu, nougats and even a fish soup. A stone’s throw from the Old Port,  you can find plenty of food to slip into your suitcases like so many delicious memories of your stay in Marseille…
45 Rue Coutellerie, 2e arr.

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