Devanture de l'office de tourisme et des congrès de marseille

The Marseille Convention and Visitors Bureau is embarking on ISO 20121 certification

Since 1st February 2021, the Marseille Convention and Visitors Bureau has embarked on an ISO 20121 certification process. This standard dedicated to the events sector will impact our BtoB and BtoC actions with the objectives of eco-responsibility and limiting our carbon footprint.

Published on 22 February 2021

An International certification

The ISO 20121 standard is an international certifiable management standard. It integrates the principles of sustainable development as a whole (environmental, social / societal and economic). The standard aims to put in place a set of procedures, making it possible to identify the key issues of sustainable development that apply to the company’s activity and to integrate them into the structure itself or into the development of the event.

  • A management system approach, adapted to the structure and its way of operating.
  • A participatory approach with stakeholders: identify and take into account the expectations and requirements of employees, suppliers, participants, public authorities, customers and partners, etc.
  • A progressive approach based on the principle of continuous improvement.
  • An internal and external valuation of the responsible strategy.
  • Concrete actions.

All the services of the office will be concerned, both in day-to-day operations and in promotion and reception operations.

The certification is scheduled for summer 2021.