Commitment of the territory's actors to our sustainable destination

Public actors

The city of Marseille

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Marseille’s natural heritage is unique, and the city of Marseille is committed to protecting it through a proactive environmental policy. Some examples below:

  • Sustainable Development Report 2020-2021 of the City of Marseille.
  • On Monday 31 January 2022, the mayor of Marseille, Benoît Payan, officially submitted Marseille’s application for the “100 climate neutral cities by 2030” programme.
  • Since Thursday 10 February 2022, the Halle Puget has been home to a covered market open to all, offering fruit and vegetables from short circuits.
  • As part of the Territorial Climate and Energy Plan (PCET), Marseille has installed 50,000 m² of photovoltaic roof panels on 61 municipal facilities, representing 23% of the city’s annual photovoltaic electricity production.

The Aix-Marseille Provence Metropolis

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2 axes of its environmental strategy defined by its competence:

  • Climate – air – energy plan for the “Regeneration” of the territory with in particular the project “A project for better breathing“. The Metropolis has been selected for the DIAMS project. This approach, which is based on collaborative principles, will simultaneously stimulate research and innovation and trigger new individual and collective behaviour in favour of air quality.
  • The reduction of noise pollution, a daily concern for residents.

The Calanques National Park

Logo Parc National Des CalanquesLocated partly in Marseille, it is the largest peri-urban national park in Europe and innovates in terms of site preservation with :

The Park’s major challenges :

  • Consider marine and terrestrial areas as a single interdependent territory
  • Allow for the proper coexistence of the metropolis and the exceptional natural area
  • Include uses in sustainable development
  • Reduce the risk of fire
  • Maintain a quality territory over time

Actors at the service of the public

La Régie des Transports Marseillais

Logo RtmThe Marseilles Transport Network (RTM) has implemented progressive actions to reduce its environmental impact:

  • On the bus side, a 51% reduction in the amount of pollutants emitted was observed between 2015 and 2021.
  • 100% of the bus fleet will be electric in 2037 and 75 buses (11% of the fleet) will already be in service in 2024.
    The new automatic metro, which will be built until 2026, will reduce electricity consumption by 17%.

Marseille Provence Airport

Logo Aéroport Marseille ProvenceMarseille Provence Airport, certified Airport Carbon Accreditation, has set itself the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

The Waters of Marseille

Logo Eaux de MarseilleEstablished in Provence for 70 years, the Eaux de Marseille Group has proven and recognised expertise in the operation of public drinking water and wastewater services. In addition to these skills, the group is committed to meeting all the challenges of tomorrow’s cities: energy efficiency in operations, sobriety in the consumption of water and energy resources to support sustainable development of the region.