Highlighting your approaches

Promoting one’s commitment is an important issue, and eco-responsibility is becoming a real criterion of choice for visitors and event organisers. An eco-responsible approach is a real asset for a professional. Beyond its positive impact on the environment and the region, it contributes to increasing market share, federating an ecosystem (customers, partners, suppliers, etc.) around shared values, and improving its brand image.

At the OMTCM, we are committed to communicating on the sustainable tourism offer of all the socio-professional actors in Marseille. More than just communication, we want to provide visibility to the general public via our various communication channels.

Different communication levers

As part of an eco-responsible approach, our communication media are now all dematerialised.

The OMTCM’s communication department deploys a range of sources to communicate the commitment of all: through press releases, communication campaigns, press receptions or the publication of newsletters for the partners of the Convention Bureau intended for the general public and our various internal departments. All these press articles are published on our website and on the Congress Bureau website.

For all the service providers and in particular the partners of Marseille Expérience, many blog articles are published on our site where the theme of sustainability is more and more present in our articles:

Highlighting labels and certifications

Labels and certifications provide official recognition of its commitment to the general public. They are a source of information on the values of the professional activity as well as on its practices. They are a real commercial argument, a guarantee of objectivity, impartiality and independence. They will be systematically mentioned in the offers available.

Valuation of eco-responsible practices

In our process of promoting the region’s tourism players, we wish to support you by promoting your actions in favour of sustainable development. Thus, all the offers available around the customer journey (travel, accommodation, catering, activities, and event organisation), related to sustainable tourism, will be promoted via a dedicated section on our websites.

Calculate your carbon footprint and offset your emissions

Taking a responsible approach means first of all taking stock of your activity. Quantifying the emissions of your company’s activity allows you to calculate its impact on the environment. Once this has been identified, you can act at source to reduce your impact.