Where Can I travel this winter in France ? in Marseille, Of course!

Want to go for  holidays in wintertime in france ? Our  beautiful  country if  full of gorgeous places in every regions, but  one city  stands out : Marseille! the  second  biggest french city  after  Paris and attracts more than  5 millions of tourists every  year. Sun, beach, sea, heritage and gastronomy, the Cité Phocéene is an unmissable destination for a  family or  romantic stay, or even with friends.

Discover Marseille under the  sun in  the  winter : Cultural  tours

Must-sees  places  mixing History cultural and Heritage

Without  any  doubt, the  very  first thing  to  see during your  stay this  winter is  definitely the ” basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde”,located at 154 meters high.Knows as ‘la Bonne mère’ (the  Good mother) this Romanesque Bizantine building watches  over the  fishermen, the  sailors and the  whole people  of Marseille.Every  year, Notre Dame de la garde welcome 2 millions  of  visitors, it  is definitely the most visited  monument of Marseille.

Offering temporary and permanent  exhibitions the Mucem – first  big museum dedicated to  the  Mediterranean offers  various themes (History, Anthropology,Archeology, History  of Arts, and Contemporary arts). Designed by the architect Rudy Ricciotti, the  building is located  on the  J4 Esplanade which remains a culturalreference open to the  world.Plus, being a part of museum, Saint jean Fort welcomes many  visitors who can wander through its village and gardens looking for  its little secrets.

Other must-see in Marseille, château d’If  (former prison state) reachable only  with  a boat from the Old port until this  homonymous island attracts thousands visitors  a year .In the  novel “Le Comte de Monte-Cristo” from Alexandre Dumas, the hero is  imprisoned  in this  historic fortress. This story makes this place of the Cité  phocéene famous.

In the 4 th district, you  can find  the  palais Longchamp, a water tower originally built to  bring water from the Durance into the  town. It  is made up of several entities: The  marseille Fine  Arts  museum ( in the left  wing) the Natural History  museum (in the  right  wing) a public  garden and an observatory.

Animated and authentic district

During  your  stay  in Marseille, you need to go to the Vieux-Port (old port) famous for its fish morning  market.Beyond this  must-see, other  typical district of  Marseille worth it quartier du Panier in the second  district, divided in 3 administrative areas such as  Hôtel-de-Ville, Les Grands-Carmes et La Joliette. Its  authenticity will seduce you  thanks  to  its  colorful and vegetal alleys, its  craftmen shops and  friendly  bars. Anecdote? the  fictional Mistral district of the Tv show “plus  belle la  vie” was  inspired by the Panier!

Let’s go to  one of the most original district of Marseille: Notre dame du Mont in the  6th district, very  proud  of this  street art! you  will be  able  to  hear some  urban artists’notes but  also enjoy the  colorful  graffitis on the stairs and walks of cours Julien. Guaranteed change  of  scene!

Soccer addict? let’s go  to the l’Orange Vélodrome stadium to  support the most fervent fans  of the  Olympique of  Marseille.OM  supporters are  well known to know  how to  set the  mood on the  game days. With  loud shouts and patriotic songs. For a  complete immersion,  get a  ticket for the OM stadium Tour which will  give  you  the  opportunity  to discover the  backstageof the  stadium as  if  you were a  member of the  team. You will get a  private access to  the  lockers, press conference room, training room and the  trophees exhibition hall as well.

The cité phocéenne, between lands and seas

The Calanques  National  park

Located between Marseille and Cassis Calanques National Park is a  part of natural wonders in the southern region.Between sea and  mountains, you can visit the calanques throughout  the  year on  foot, VTT or by boat.In the  wintertime, temperature is soft.Far  away  from the heat  of the  summer, you can hike more  easily on tracks  leading to the  creeks. You can discover an exceptional fauna and flora which are a  part of  a protection program to  preserve the park’s biodiversity.Now you  know where you need to  go  to  fully enjoy  a beautiful landscape!


You cannot leave France this winter  without  having  tasted the  traditional bouillabaisse, This  dish is generally accompanied by a sauce based on  rouille or  aioli to  spice  up the  fish and  croutons rubbed with  garlic that a re dipped in the  broth.It can be on the menu of  many  restaurants  in Marseille.In 1980, the restaurant owners decided to sign a bouillabaisse charter in  which ingredients and original presentation of this  timeless recipe of the  city of Marseille are  described.

Why  going  to Marseille in the  winter?

In wintertime, many events take place in Marseille to  celebrate the  holidays. From mid- novembre until january, the Christmas market on the  Old-Port (quai de la  Fraternité) is available for visitors. Around 50 cottages in the market aisles you  will find  a variety of artistic and culinary specialties. You  can enjoy  a glass of  mulled  wine after eating a crepe  fille with  chestnut cream.

Just nexto to the  Christmas market, there is la trade of santons. A must-see  if you stay  in Marseille this  winter. The ‘santons’  are small figures of  argile which represent the  nativity scene including Jesus’ birth. It is all about provencaltradition transmitted generation after generation which is  a  beloved tradition for young and  older people. Throughout the fair, various activities are  organised in honour of the  children.

In the  same theme,’ les Pastorales’ –Plays  played after christmas – take place in  january. They talk about Jesus Christ’s birth in a stable surrounding by Marie  and Joseph. The  procession of  shepherds and villagers to  the place where  the divine child  was  born is recalled.The pastorals are comical in nature and  originate from the  midnight mass where the  villagers re-enact the nativity;If you  are going to Marseille this winter, this is an important event in provencal and should not be missed under any  circumstances.

Above these winter  events, Marseille also attracts many tourists thanks to these historical monuments, museums, amazing landscapes and its gastronomy whatever the season is.Classic destinations such as  Spain, Greece  or even italy have to be ready!

In the  winter, climat has  soft  temperature enjoys 170 days of  sunshine a  year and little rainfall between novembre and january.Far from mass tourism and  stiffing heat of  summer, this is the perfect timing to  visit the  Calanques National park on foot.

Are  you ready to go to Marseille this  winter? For  an experience full of culture, nature and delicacy. The second biggest city of France fullfilled all your  expectations.From now on, prepare your stay with the Marseille convention and visitors  bureau.