vue générale aérienne sur le Mucem et Notre Dame de la Garde en fond
Visitthe Mecca of architecture and heritage

The Mucem museum

With nearly 45,000 sqm spreaded over three sites, the Mucem is a must-see in Marseille.

It is located at the entrance to the port, on the J4 harbor mole and in Fort Saint-Jean: two places highly symbolic of the city’s current development and its age.

A government project supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations, the first major national museum dedicated to the civilizations of the Mediterranean for the 21st century and directed by Bruno Suzzarelli, opened its doors in Marseille on the 7th of June 2013. It has quickly become one of the most visited museums in Marseille. The museum’s collections are preserved at the ‘Belle de Mai’ in the Conservation and Resource Center.

One museum, three places to visit !

J4 Esplanade

The new building is built on the former harbour breakwater of J4 esplanade built by Rudy Ricciotti associated with Roland Carta. It contains the heart of the Mucem. There are two places of exhibitions: the first one, the  Mediterranean gallery dedicated to the  discovery of different major steps of Mediterranean civilisations. The second set will focus on temporary  exhibitions. J4 also includes a special corner for  children. What about organizing a  family discovery in Marseille? The little ones will be impressed!

It also houses :

  • An auditorium to host shows, concerts and cinema cycles
  • A  book shop
  • A panoramic restaurant directed  by the three stars chef Gerald Passédat.

Saint Jean fort

The ‘Saint Jean Fort’ restored (15 000 sqm) is a historical monument that originally dates from the 12th century. Linked to the  J4 by a footbridge, thrown above the  sea, it allows the visitors to enjoy spectacular panoramas, invisible until then.

This site is worth visiting during your stay. Get ready for a stopover full of rewarding surprises.
The guests are invited to walk around the new Mediterranean garden and, discover the  ‘wealth’ of its Arts collection and popular traditions, Mediterranean contemporary creation. The site allows you to enjoy outdoor shows, a coffee shop, a library/book shop. A second footbridge is linked to the ‘Panier’ suburb.

The conservation and resource centre(CCR)

A third site in the ‘Belle de Mai’ suburb houses the conservation and resources centre (CCR – 14 000 sqm), designed  by the architect Corinne Vezzoni, in association with André Jollivet. The CCR is a place for the conservation of the collection and also  provides the opportunity to take  a behind the scene tour of the museum, which includes several areas open to the public: an accessible storeroom, a  documentary consultation area and  a temporary exhibition area.

Plus d’informations sur le site officiel du Mucem

Did you know?

You can walk around the Saint Jean fort for free. It has a terrace, from which you can also enjoy a breathtaking view on the port entrance ( during the museum opening time). You only need to pay entrance fees for the exhibitions inside the Mucem.


The Mediterranean Villa

This amphibious building is a true architectural prowess that is distinguished by its spectacular overhang. The Mediterranean villa has been designed by Stefano Boeri  and is dedicated to different kind of expressions in the Mediterranean basin. It will hosts the  replica of the Cosquer cave in June 2022.

 Regards de Provence museum

This  museum settles down in the former sanitary station built by Fernand Pouillon and  honours its  paintings collection, sculptures and also drawings and photographs, from the 17th century to nowadays, of the  collection of ‘Regards de  provence’.
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 Major Cathedral

Also named ‘Sainte Marie Majeure’, the cathedral was built in a neo byzantin style by the architect Léon Vaudoyer between 1852 and 1893.

The Vaults of la Major

Ideal for strolling, doing some shopping and discovering new addresses, the  Vaults of ‘la Major’ are located under the basilica of the same name, just in front of the  Mucem!
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A place for cultural and  social exchanges

The ‘Mucem’ is a place open to all and multidisciplinary where anthropology, history, contemporary archaeology and art intersect. It presents a cultural, social but  also scientific and political perspective on the plurality of civilisations that have made up the Mediterranean world from  prehistory to nowadays.

Mucem is an incredible place full of knowledge and exchanges that  address the current challenges of this world: beyond major  exhibitions. It  suggests to the public  some readings, conferences or discussions, the  arts of the stage, film documentaries, performances or  only  walk in the  Mediterranean gardens of the ‘Saint Jean’ Fort. Every  summer, it also becomes an open-air place  for concerts on terraces of the Saint-Jean fort with the ‘Plan B’ festival that welcomes guests such as  Clara Luciani, Agar-Agar or ‘l’Impératrice’.

Useful informations

The Mucem is open everyday except on tuesdays.
Exceptional closure on May 1st and December 25th.

Opening time: 11am – 7pm (subject to change according to the season)

You only need one ticket to see every exhibitions !

Full rate: 11€
Reduced rate  : 7,50€
Familly ticket : 18€ (valid for 5 children maxim and 2 adults)
Adults unaccompagnied by  minor children will not be  able to access the  room with family tickets.