Orange Vélodrome, supporters de l'OM pendant un match de foot
Be movedAt the heart of Marseille's legendary stadium

The Orange Velodrome Stadium

The ‘Orange Velodrome’ is one of the symbols of Marseille. The city regularly gets carried away during football games in the stadium. Enjoy an exclusive tour of the Velodrome Stadium with the Marseille Tourism Office. Do you want to live a typical Marseille experience with friends, family, or OM supporters? Do you want to learn about local stories which made this place what it is today? Then come to the stadium where many football celebrities have played. But this legendary place is also full of history, and has been at the heart of the Phocaean city for over 80 years!

The Velodrome stadium’s history

Rather than hosting football, the stadium’s story started in 1937 as a velodrome, as its name suggests. Little by little, other sports events took place (arrivals of the cycling event Tour de France, Track Cycling World Championships, athletic sports, gymnastics, boxing, and rugby competitions). Families in Marseille regularly attended these events. This marked the start of the story between the people of Marseille and this magical stadium.

While planning the European Football Championships in 1984, the stadium underwent some changes. The stadium cycling track gradually disappeared until it was removed altogether to build the stands.

In July 1992, FIFA’s (Federation Internationale de Football Association) executive committee selected France to organise the 16th Football World Cup. Since some of the games were located in Marseille, it was decided to expand the stadium. An architects’ competition was launched in May 1994, and the architect Jean-Pierre Buffi’s project was selected. On September the 4th 1997, the Velodrome Stadium welcomed the ‘World of Football’, with the World Cup final draw. On February the 25th 1998, the stadium was completed with the opening of the North Stand (Allées Ray Grassi).

The stadium has evolved with the welcoming of big events. The UEFA European Championship in 1984, the Football World Cup in 1998, the Rugby World Cup in 2007 and the UEFA Euro in 2016 all contributed to this change, together with major concerts such as ACDC, Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, the Muse, and many more! The ‘Orange Velodrome’ has turned into a latest-generation modern roofed stadium. It can accommodate 67,000 seated visitors and complies with the latest accessibility and energy regulations.

Did you know?

The ‘Orange Velodrome’ Stadium is the avant-garde version of a digital and eco-responsible stadium (with a recyclable rainwater roof system). It benefits from the most modern communication equipment and is classified as an ‘Elite UEFA’ stadium.


Watch an Olympique de Marseille game

The ‘Orange Velodrome’ is the second biggest stadium in terms of seating space after the Stade de France in Paris. Book your tickets to experience this typical Marseille event! Go watch a game and be moved by the Marseille’s fans!

The show is guaranteed and the thrill is real!

The backstage of the Velodrome Stadium

The Stadium can be visited all year round. Come and discover the backstage of this emblematic place. Enjoy a self-guided tour where you will follow the pathway and access the changing rooms, the pitch’s sides, the conference room, and many other exclusives locations. You will be entertained with testimonies and visuals highlighting the moments of glory of the ‘Orange Velodrome’ Stadium and the Olympique de Marseille Football club. Access the tour here.