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La Viste district

Discover the Viste district in Marseille’s 15th arrondissement. With its three towers visible from the north of the city, its natural areas and its shopping centre, the district is both calm and lively.

A district of the 15th arrondissement

Located in Marseille’s 15th arrondissement, La Viste enjoys a panoramic view over the Mediterranean Sea. When travellers arrive from the north, they are the first to see this landscape. The district takes its name from its view of the horizon. In fact, la viste means ‘the view’ in Occitan. To the east, La Viste overlooks the Aygalades valley and the A7 motorway. To the west, it encompasses the Grand Littoral shopping centre and the harbour.
Historically, La Viste has developed around its namesake arterial road. In the 1960s, two large housing estates were built to the east of the road to mark the urban development: on one side, 38 La Viste, a programme of 685 homes, designed by the architect Georges Candilis; on the other, La Viste Provence, a programme of 306 homes.

What to do in the La Viste district of Marseille?

When you visit this district of Marseille, you won’t want to miss the 38 La Viste building with its 3 towers, a well-known visual landmark for the city’s residents. This building, which has been designated a 20th-century heritage site, can be seen from a large part of northern Marseille.

We recommend a visit to the Parc Foresta, a natural area in the heart of La Viste and at the foot of the letters ‘Marseille’, where you can recharge your batteries for a walk or a picnic. You’ll also have the chance to discover the shared garden on Boulevard d’Hanoï via organised tours.

Not far from Parc Foresta, you’ll find the Saint-Paul parish church, a Catholic religious building dating back to the late 19th century. Every Sunday morning, a mass is held for those wishing to pay their respects.

If you’re a nature lover, head for the 3-hectare Parc Brégante. It overlooks the bay on Marseille’s northern coastline. Set around a nineteenth-century bastide house, it was developed on land that had been turned upside down by the old oil mills.

In the Viste district of Marseille, you can admire the Saint-Louis aqueduct-bridge, built in 1848 and comprising 9 arches, each 6 metres wide. It is a landmark piece of 19th-century engineering. Until 1970, it was the city’s sole source of water. Today, it still supplies two-thirds of Marseille’s water.

If you’re keen on window-shopping, you’ll be delighted by Marseille Grand Littoral, the largest shopping centre in the south of France. Shared with the 16th arrondissement, it comprises a two-storey covered shopping arcade with a wide range of shops and stores (hypermarkets, restaurants, fashion, beauty, homeware, etc.).

How to get to La Viste district?

From south to north, the La Viste district of Marseille is served by bus routes B2 (Métro Gèze – Vallon des Tuves), 96 (Hôpital Nord – Estaque) and 526 (Canebière Bourse – Hôpital Nord). It can also be reached by coach route 51, which links Marseille to Aix via the main road.

From Marseille city centre, you can take metro line 2 (Gèze – Sainte-Marguerite Dromel) to the Gèze terminus, near the Parc des Aygalades. From there, you can take the B2 bus or walk around the area (about 45 minutes).
By car, just take the A7 motorway (exit 33) or the A55 (exit 6) to get to the Viste district. Marseille-Provence airport is a 25-minute drive from the north of the city.