The Cosquer cave, a major world site of cave art

Opened on 4 June 2022, Cosquer Méditerranée is one of the most beautiful sites to visit in 2022 according to the prestigious American magazine TIME!

Published on 26 September 2022

An exceptional reconstruction

The replica of the prehistoric Cosquer cave welcomes visitors for an incredible journey back to prehistoric times to discover the Paleolithic cave paintings that were sunken in this cave located within the Calanques National Park.

Henri Cosquer, a professional diver, discovered the cave at a depth of 37 metres in the Calanques National Park in 1985. Armed with patience and perseverance, he made several dives to explore the gallery that leads to the cave, which was inhabited between 33,000 and 19,000 years BC. A very long period of frequentation of the cave that allowed him to benefit from more than 480 works painted or engraved on the rock.

A unique visit!

Installed in exploration modules and with an audio-guide in 6 languages (French, English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian – other languages to come), go down into the depths and discover the 1750m2 of restored walls on which paintings, engravings and digital tracings reveal an exceptional bestiary (bison, horses, penguins, seals,) but also handprints and rock and limestone formations. The visit of the cave in modules of 6 people is 35 minutes.

Afterwards, if you wish, you can watch an 8-minute film with English subtitles which explains the discovery of the cave by Henri Cosquer and all the dangers of his underwater expedition!

You will also discover on level 3 the Mediterranean gallery, a fabulous exhibition with life-size reproductions of the animal species that made up the wild fauna of the calanques during the ice age, the reconstitution of a pregnant Sapiens woman as well as digital and audiovisual projections on history, the rise of the waters and the climate.

The whole visit lasts about 2 hours and you will find a bookshop and a restaurant “Le France” on site.

A great activity for all ages and one that families will certainly enjoy. The Cosquer Cave is a unique attraction! Experience this exploration by diving under the sea! Book your ticket here (link to the Cosquer website)

Practical information


Villa Cosquer MéditerranéePromenade Robert Laffont, Marseille 2ème


Full price16€

Opening hours

  • Monday 09:30 - 19:30
  • Tuesday 09:30 - 19:30
  • Wednesday 09:30 - 19:30
  • Thursday 09:30 - 19:30
  • Friday 09:30 - 19:30
  • Saturday 09:30 - 19:30
  • Sunday 09:30 - 19:30

Group rates

Full price up to 20 people: 16€ per person

Group rate for 20 people or more: 14€ per person, including tax

Private guide rate: 190€ per group of 20 people