Calanque de Mejean sur la Côte Bleue, Petit port

The Méjean Calanques

a true haven of peace

The Méjean calanque is a cove of the Blue Coast. It is equidistant between Niolon to the west and Carry-le-Rouet to the east: it depends on the commune of Ensuès la Redonne, between Marseille and Martigues.  

The origin of the name comes from the Occitan, Méjean meaning “in the middle of”. It was used as a coastal shelter for fishermen from the 17th century, and began to be inhabited between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. Nearby, you can find the Figuières calanque and the magnificent Erevine calanque, whose clear water invites you to swim. The calanque of Méjean is a haven of peace where time seems to have stopped…  

What to see in the Méjean calanque? 

It is divided into two parts: the petit and grand Méjean.
The small Méjean has a very picturesque harbour and beach, lined with pine trees and rocks.

The Grand Méjean, which can be reached by a small path at the end of the port, has a very pretty cove. The imposing viaduct in the background dominates it.  Here the Nerthe massif ends abruptly: the roads serving the port and the surrounding houses are very steep!

Access to the Méjean calanques ?  

  • By road: You must first go to the port of the Calanque de La Redonne, then continue along the road that runs alongside the railway for 1.5 km before arriving at the Petit Méjean and then the Grand Méjean. There is a small car park at the end of the calanque, with very little parking space.

/!\ Please note: from April to September, access to the creeks is restricted to motorised vehicles between 9am and 7pm. Information from the Ensuès la Redonne town hall.  

  • By sea: by boat, ask to dock for a few hours in the port of Méjean, for lunch for example. By paddle or sea kayak, you can stop off in this very pretty cove to enjoy a swim.
  • On foot: access via the GR de la Côte bleue (or the Douaniers trail) from the Calanque de La Redonne or Niolon. (Bring good shoes and enough water).

/!\ Beware, in summer, depending on the days classified as high risk (generally in the mistral period), check daily the accessibility of the paths. 

Eat in the Méjean calanque

There is only one restaurant on the spot: Le Mange Tout, a real local institution, open only in season. It’s a little shack with a view of the port where simple food is served, mainly based on fish and in particular the famous fried smelts, the speciality of the house. Reservations are recommended as there are only about twenty tables.