La Cité Radieuse

Le Corbusier

Explore Le Corbusier Unité d’Habitation with your guide. You will visit the hall entrance, internal street, roof terrace and have exclusive access to an apartment listed as a Monument Historique. Since July 2016, the Cité radieuse has been registered on the WORLD HERITAGE of the UNESCO in conformance with 16 other sites realized by the architect, thus crowning the contribution of his architectural work to the modern movement.

This is the work of Swiss architect Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, better known as Le Corbusier. The impressive building measures 165m in length, 24m in width and 56m in height and was built between 1947 and 1951. The site is reminiscent of an urban plot in the middle of a park.

The graphic style famous as the great architect’s signature brings his visual effects together with a layout which was incredible at the time. An experiment for a new “habitat system”, the Cité radieuse has 337 apartments of 23 different types which were comfortable and modern homes for the period.

In addition to the individual spaces there are numerous “extensions of the home” designed to encourage a new type of multi-dwelling unit: an internal street with shops,  Imbernon  bookshop and publisher, a bar, restaurant and the hotel Le Corbusier  booking online. There’s a nursery school and gym on the top floor which became the MAMO modern art center in June 2013. The roof terrace provides a relaxation area with paddling pool, playground and a stage sheltered by a wind breaker for outdoor shows.

The building has even been a school of thought as Le Corbusier built other Cités radieuses based on the Marseille model in the 50s (Rezé-Nantes, Firminy, Briey and Berlin).


Visit of La Cité Radieuse :

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Price: 10euros/Adult, 5euros/Child (6-11years old)
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