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Marseille in winter: Top 10 activities

Winter in Marseille has nothing to envy other seasons! Forget the snow and the ski slopes, Marseille offers a multitude of activities to enjoy the mild winter weather while discovering the city. Between nature, traditions and delicacies, discover the city in a different way.

Jogging on the Corniche Kennedy or on the “Bonne Mère” side

Sports enthusiasts will appreciate a morning run on the famous Corniche Kennedy. The panorama of the Mediterranean and the Frioul islands is simply breathtaking. A peaceful atmosphere, far from the hustle and bustle. The sunrise and morning atmosphere are incredible. If you prefer a challenge, take the climb up to Notre-Dame de la Garde, and you’ll be jogging a little harder, but the panorama at the finish line will be just as beautiful!

Hiking in the Calanques

Winter is an ideal time to explore the Calanques. The mild temperatures mean you can appreciate the splendour of these rocky coves without suffering from the heat. Take a deep breath of fresh air and stroll along the footpaths. The scenery is breathtaking!
NB: Don’t forget to check the weather forecast before heading to the Calanques, and bring all the equipment you’ll need for the hike (walking shoes, water, cap, etc.).

Panisses et chichis fregis in Estaque district

Go to the l’Estaque district to sample des panisses, these delicious specialties made from chickpeas that are usually enjoyed as an aperitif. Those with a sweet tooth will surely prefer a chichi fregis, this famous sugar-coated doughnut, but be careful not to confuse it with Churros! You’ll also find them at l’Estaque.
Marseille navettes

Navettes Biscuits

Navettes are orange blossom-scented cookies are a Marseilles tradition. Whether at the Four des Navettes, the city’s oldest, or at the Navettes des Accoules, tasting navettes is always an authentic experience, some will say it’s too dry and others will prefer them dipped in coffee, whatever the case, navettes are best enjoyed without moderation!

Visit Cité radieuse – Le Corbusier

Immerse yourself in the architectural world of artist Le Corbusier, with a tour of his famous Cité radieuse. This historic twentieth-century monument is a must-see of modernity in Marseille. Known here as “La maison du fada”, discover its architecture through a unique guided tour that plunges you into the heart of the building.

Walk through the Panier district

With its narrow streets and colorful facades, a stroll through le Panier is a must. Take the opportunity to discover Marseille’s oldest district, its designer boutiques and street-art works, each more original than the last.

Marseille’s islands: Frioul and Château d’If

Winter is an ideal time to discover Marseille’s islands, far from the tourist crowds of summer. Among them, Ile d’If and the Frioul archipelago stand out as jewels of the Mediterranean. L‘île d’If is famous for its castle, which was immortalized by Alexandre Dumas in his novel “Le Comte de Monte-Cristo“. A visit to this austere fort immerses you in tales of legendary escapes. Frioul, meanwhile, offers a stark contrast with its quiet calanques and deserted beaches, providing the perfect backdrop for a day of exploration and hiking.
Discover the islands of Frioul and Château d’If

Museums and exhibitions

Winter is the perfect time to visit Marseille’s museums, offering permanent or temporary exhibitions that are captivating and, above all, sheltered from the ambient chill! There’s something for everyone.


An evening out in Marseille

After a busy day, there’s nothing like a night out in one of the city’s many bars and pubs. A warm atmosphere and comforting drinks are guaranteed.
Discover the best places to spend an evening in Marseille

Winter in Marseille is a privileged time for lovers of tranquillity. Between invigorating walks, gourmet breaks and cultural discoveries, Marseille knows how to amaze its visitors even when the temperatures turn cooler. So don’t let the short days keep you cooped up, and set off to conquer this dynamic, welcoming city, which knows so well how to combine the brilliance of the Mediterranean winter with the warmth of its welcome, its gastronomy and its activities. Make the most of every moment, because in Marseille, winter is a season when life never stops!