Marseille's ice cream shops to try!

Marseille is famous for its pastis, panisses and navettes… and its ice creams are no exception! If you’re in Marseille, take the opportunity to try an artisanal ice cream. Whether you’re a fan of classic flavours or prefer something a little more daring, we’ve put together a list of ice-cream parlours to suit all tastes. So get ready to treat yourself and discover Marseille’s frosty treasures!

Published on 11 May 2023

Les Glaciers Marseillais at l'Escale Borély

Jérôme Cellier, master ice-cream maker and pastry chef, makes his ice cream in front of his customers in his own ice-cream parlour at L’Escale Borely! At Les Glaciers Marseillais there are no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. The ice creams are made with fresh, organic produce and contain a minimum of sugar. The ice cream flavours vary according to the season. There are classics like Madagascar Vanilla, Piedmont Hazelnut, Marseilles Navette and Sicilian Pistachio, as well as surprising flavours like Lemon Basil, Pineapple Mint and Mango Wasabi!
You can also try Marskimos (water popsicles by Les Glaciers Marseillais), crêpes, waffles, milkshakes and other pastries.

A new addition to Les Glaciers Marseillais: La Gelateria des Goudes. Located in Les Goudes, this new boutique with a great atmosphere attracts locals, hikers and tourists who enjoy a treat at the gateway to the calanques. Bonus: it’s a family affair, with Pauline, Jérôme Cellier’s daughter and a business student, in charge of sales and communications. Our suggestion: the Sicilian brioche, a soft brioche with two scoops of ice cream and whipped cream!

Loulou Monsieur Glace

Loulou Monsieur Glace is the new kid on the block in Malmousque! 100% French buffalo milk ice creams (from Aveyron), with no added fat, artificial flavouring or colouring. The toppings are made, processed and roasted in l’Estaque. The minimalist setting designed by Panela Architecte and Weekender will win you over straight away, making it an unmissable stop-off before or after the beach for a frosty break!

Vanille Noire in the Panier district

Located in the district Panier just a stone’s throw ‘Vieux-Port’ (Old port), Vanille Noire offers traditional ice creams to be enjoyed without moderation. Nicolas, the founder, artisan ice-cream maker and sorbet enthusiast, selects his own raw materials and prepares his own fruit purées before making his ice creams in his laboratory/store. His speciality is black vanilla, a charcoal-coloured ice cream that’s sure to catch the eye. He also offers original flavours such as ginger/curcuma, pineapple/fennel, cornflake, panettone/grappa and pastis. The ice creams can be enjoyed on the terrace or taken home. Don’t hesitate to discover this address on rue Caisserie or place de Lorette!

Le Métropole at the Vieux-Port

If you want to enjoy an organic ice cream in the Vieux-Port area, the Métropole is the place to go. The Glacier Bio Le Métropole offers 51 flavours of Terre Adélice organic ice creams and sorbets, including a whole range from the south: pastis, lavender, lemon-basil, verbena, green anise, apricot, white peach… The establishment also boasts a beautiful interior entirely redesigned by Sophie Ferjani, the famous interior designer.
A place to come and recharge your batteries in a beach hut atmosphere!

L'Eléphant Rose à Pois Blancs at Cours Julien

L’Eléphant Rose à Pois Blancs is a must for ice cream lovers! Everything here is homemade, and the flavours vary according to the season. You’ll find classic ice creams like vanilla, chocolate, salted butter caramel, strawberry and lemon, as well as unusual flavours like hibiscus flower, pineapple basil, ginger and orange blossom honey. There are even alcoholic ice creams! A diversity of flavours to satisfy young and old alike. Crepes and waffles with 100% homemade toppings are also available, to eat in or take away for a stroll around the Cours Julien district.

Emki Pop at Vauban

Emeline and Guillaume have reinvented the ice cream stick with their Emki Pop shop in Marseille’s Vauban district. In a soft, pastel atmosphere, you can enjoy 100% natural sorbets and ice creams on a stick. The sorbets are made from 75% fresh seasonal fruit, giving you the real impression of eating frozen fruit! Among the esquimaux, you’ll find both classic and original recipes such as “La Black sésame” (black sesame) or “La Detox” (lemon, turmeric, ginger) or more gourmet recipes such as “La Choco craquante” (milk chocolate, caramelised almonds).

Le Glacier de la Corniche

This ice cream parlour and delicatessen shop on the Corniche Kennedy offers Terre Adélice sorbets and ice creams that are 100% natural, organic and free from preservatives. There’s a huge choice: passion fruit, vine peach and lychee sorbets, as well as dark chocolate, chocolate spread and chestnut ice creams. You can sample the ice creams on the premises, take them away or even order and have them delivered! In the grocery shop, you’ll find local produce such as cheese, charcuterie, lavender honey and organic chestnut jam, to take home or give as gifts!

La Mignonne

For La Mignonne, ice cream is a year-round treat, not just for tea parties! With its three-wheeled vehicle, La Mignonne is nomadic and you can find it anywhere in Marseille, even for private events. The flavours are adapted to the seasons, and the ice creams are made in Marseille by a craftsman who works with fresh local fruit and vegetables. The ice creams are free from artificial flavourings and preservatives, and contain as little sugar as possible.