Shopping in Marseille

For a shopping session first of all go to the city centre! From the luxury shops near the Old Port, to the Olympique de Marseille shop on the Canebière, to the small designers of the Cours Julien, to the flea markets, markets or traditional shops, it is an ideal place to do your shopping. Marseille is also known for its shopping centres, notably the Terrasses du Port à la Joliette with its superb sea view and rooftop, or just opposite the Docks Villages, former port warehouses now transformed into trendy boutiques.
You’ll be spoilt for choice to bring back a souvenir with Marseille accents!


Markets and flea markets

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Souvenir stores

Your stay in Marseille is coming to an end and you’d like to bring back some souvenirs from the Cité Phocéenne? Here’s the list of souvenir stores in Marseille to bring a little of your vacation home!

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Where to shop in Marseille's Old Port?

Embodying the heart in action of Marseille at the foot of the Canebière, the Vieux-Port is an ideal place to align tourism and shopping during your vacation. Between temporary markets, souvenir stores and commercial signs, you’ll be spoilt for choice. What will you fall for?

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Where can I buy soap in Marseille?

So you don’t leave without your famous soap, check out the list of Marseille stores that sell it.
It’s going to lather up!

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Food markets in Marseille are really a reflection of typical and coloured tastes of our terroir and accent of Provence. The most famous is definitely the fish market every morning on the ‘Vieux Port’. However many markets offer clothing, shoes or also fabrics.

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Shopping centres

Whether located in the heart of the city or in the suburb, Marseille offers many shopping centres. Department or local stores made in Marseille, you will be able to find what you need during your shopping trip in the Phocaean city.

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Marseilles producers

Marseille’s producers pass on all their culture and passion in their flavors.
Discover the many boutiques where you can unearth sumptuous artisanal products.

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Bakeries and pastry shops

Fancy a sweet pastry or a freshly baked baguette? Here are some good addresses for bakeries and pastry shops in Marseille.

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Which bookshops in Marseille are a must?

Whether you’re looking for scientific works, historical books, textbooks or romance novels, bookshops are part of life for literature lovers. Each bookshop has its own specific features that give it its charm. Whether you’re looking for an essential bookshop or an independent one, discover our selection of bookshops in Marseille.

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Boutiques in Marseille

Find the store in Marseille that meets your needs: decoration stores, souvenir stores, clothing stores, leather goods, florists… Here’s the list of shops in Marseille.

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Shopping centers

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