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Riding an e-scooter in Marseille

Easy to use and available on a self-service basis in many areas of the city, electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular in Marseille. They allow you to move around the city quickly and easily, without the need to look for a parking space. Pay for fuel is no longer a headache for users. Another major advantage is that they don’t emit exhaust fumes, which is a real advantage from an ecological point of view. So it will therefore save you time and money.

Renting an e-scooter in Marseille

There are various electric scooter rental companies in the city. Voi, Bird and Lime are the main ones, offering self-service electric vehicles (e-scooters and bicycles) in almost every district of the city. Need an e-scooter for a ride? To do this, nothing could  simpler, you just have to download on your mobile phone one of the applications of the rental company of your choice ( they all work almost the same ways) and register. They offer several options, including the possibility of reserving the e-scooter closest to you for a few minutes until you reach it.  Unlock it by scanning the QR code and once you reach your destination, park the e-scooter so that it does not obstruct pedestrians or other vehicules. They will now have to be parked in specific areas, determined on each application.  Different price packages are available, you can pay by the minute, or benefit from a pass depending on your frequency of use. Prices vary depending on the rental company. However, a sponsorship offer has been set up by each of the rental companies. If you are a RTM subscriber with a solidarityrate, benefit from a specific offer when you rent an e-scooter from Voi company.

Why ride an e-scooter in Marseille?

Electric scooters are a practical, ecological and economical means of transport. By using an electric scooter for your short trips, instead of your car or public transport, you can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. It has many advantages such as its speed and ease of use which allow you to save time, it is also economical, because it doesn’t need gas. With its long battery life, inter-city journeys are easy. Its dimensions and weight have been  adapted to make it easy to transport and space-saving. You can find them almost everywhere. Self-service is available in the busiest areas of Marseille, it is a real advantage for crossing the city center. If you ride an e-scooter regularly, buying one may be a better solution. Cheaper than a car, it can be an interesting investment for city dwellers.

What to visit in Marseille on an e-scooter?

Looking for an alternative to visiting Marseille on foot? Try an e-scooter! This vehicular ride will give you easier access to certain parts of the city and allow you to see Marseille from a different angle. Enjoy a visit to the ‘Vieux-Port’ (old port) passing by the Mucem and the Esplanade J4. Take a tour of the Palais du Pharo and a short stop at the cathédrale de la Major, take the opportunity to visit it by parking your e-scooter on the side, in a suitable place which does not disturb the circulation of other vehicules or pedestrians. Take a trip down the steep little streets of the Panier district, to discover the street-art, craft shops and colourful facades of the charming neighourhood. You can also climb up to the Basilica  Notre-Dame de la Garde, and contemplate a superb panoramic view of the Mediterranean. You can take a stroll along the Corniche, and take a break to look at the beauty of the landscape around you.

Scooter traffic regulations in Marseille

Since e-scooters are considered two-wheeled vehicules, they must respect the same traffic rules as bicycles, that is to say, respect traffic lights and not travel on sidewalks. For your safety, it is strongly recommended that you are over 18 years old to drive an electric scooter, and wear a helmet. The e-scooter can only be used by one person, not two! Like any other vehicule that can endanger your life and that of pedestrians and other people in vehicules, do not consume alcohol or any drugs before driving! During your trip, be sure not to ride on the pavement; use the cycle paths instead. Respect the speed limit, now set at 25 km/h, and adapt your speed to suit the situation. Once you reach your destination, park your e-scooter in an area determined by the application, where it won’t interfere with pedestrian traffic or other vehicules.