Baou Marseille, Soirée entre amis
It is time for

the 'apéro'

« L’apéro » (the aperitif) is a part of the traditions of the city of Marseille. With an exceptional climate of more than 170 sunny days a year, it offers its inhabitants an extraordinary living environment. The aperitif is a convivial moment where values such as exchange and good humor are put forward.

An aperitif in Marseille

The aperitif is above all a moment of sharing which takes place around a drink, often some Pastis (that we call “fly” here) or a glass of rosé. Around a drink which can of course be a non-alcoholic, are offered small olives, pistachios, and peanuts (sometimes called “caouettes” in Marseille). The aperitif is an entire lifestyle. The particularity of the aperitif in Marseille is that it can last hours, the locals especially like making the good moments last! “plus c’est long, plus c’est bon” “the longer it goes on, the better it is”.

It makes life easier, allows you to forget your worries of  everyday life, and promotes social ties and community life. From the youngest to the oldest, everyone has a particular pleasure in having  an aperitif with their colleagues*.

Where and when to have an aperitif in Marseille?

There is no particular day to take an aperitif, which is a real  institution in Marseille. The aperitif can take place in the evening after work, on Sunday lunchtime or during the holidays. The aperitif can be taken alone, with your family, colleagues*, with your wife or husband, between neighbors… in Marseille, there are many bars  (sometimes only open in the summertime) to drink the aperitif, but a lot of locals like to enjoy this tradition in front of the sunset at the seaside. Hand in hand, eyes glued to the sea, it is much more romantic!

Did you know?


In France, except in Marseille, a colleague is a person that in the workspace exercises a similar function. There’s not always a friendly relationship.

In Marseille, a colleague is a friend. The relationship that is put forward between the two people is friendship. Do not hesitate to watch the movie “Les collègues” by Philippe Dajoux.

Good places to take a real aperitif from Marseillais

Around the ‘cours Estienne d’Orves’ :

  • Le Pointu
  • Bistrot l’horloge
  • Le Polikarpov
  • Le Berthom

Around the ‘Vieux-Port’ (Old Port) :

  • Le O’Malley
  • The Little Temple Bar
  • The Queen Victoria
  • The Shamrock
  • Le Baletti
  • Le Café de l’Abbaye

Around ‘la Joliette’ :

  • Le R2 – Rooftop des Terrasses du Port (fermé pour le moment)
  • La Voûte Virgo
  • The White Rabbit

Near the Saint Charles train station:

  • Le Toit-Terrasse de la Friche Belle-de-Mai (fermé pour le moment)
  • Le Chapiteau la Belle-de-Mai (fermé pour le moment)
  • Le Couvent Juxtapoz

On the ‘Corniche’ :

  • Le Viaghji di Fonfon
  • Le Petit Pavillon
  • Le Bistrot Plage

‘Escale Borély’ :

  • Le Greenwich
  • L’Equinoxe

The ‘Pointe Rouge’ :

  • Le Red Lion
  • Le Bar des Amis

The Goudes :

  • 20 000 lieues sous la Bière

‘La Plaine’ – ‘Cours Julien’ :

  • Le Petit Nice
  • La Dame du Mont

For a romantic aperitif :

  • Plage des Catalans
  • Vallon des Auffes
  • Plage du Prophète
  • Plage du Prado
  • Baie des Singes