Calanques de Marseille, vue sur les falaises calcaires

Climbing in the Calanques of Marseille

For climbers and enthusiasts

Ready for  a  climbing  session in the  Calanques of Marseille ? Whether you are a climbing enthusiast or simply want to discover the discipline, here are the service providers who will take you up high and show you the calanques in an original and unforgettable way !

The climb in the calanques.. 

… An outing to prepare

With an average of  300 days of sun. You can clim the cliffs from january  to decembre. However, you need to get  prepared. :  

Did you know ?

This is Gaston Rebuffat, famous  alpinist from Marseille who discovered the climbing in the Calanques between  1930 and 1940. He  opened many  climbing routes. A plaque in his honour can be seen on the former  road leading to  the Gardiole Car-park.

A regulated practice

Some site closure are set  up :  

Others  rules to be followed  :  

  • Practicing climbing only  on marked trails ( for example with the blue logo of the  climber)
  • Inform the National Park of any related works of climbing, open access to the  cliffs, installation. The equipment of via Ferrata and via Cordata is forbidden in the Calanques.
  • The mobile app Mes Calanques can  help you to keep yu updated with useful information by sign in the  climbing community.

For  your safety :  

  •  Choose a climbing route suitable to  your skills and experience.
  • Check out the  weather  conditions  before leaving.
  • Inform your relative about  your trip.  

Where to  climb in the Calanques?

Sectors with varying degrees of difficulty

The Calanques are  an amazing playground to practice climbing since it  owns different kind of routes for every level. Sormiou, Luminy and la Gardiole are often visited by climbers who discover the subject. Morgiou, Marseilleveyre, les Goudes are sectors offering a great heterogeneity in their routes, which allows to have ropes with different levels. But also : Malvallon, la Melette, En Vau, Port Miou.. You haven’t finished climbing in the  Calanques National park

Climbing topo to guide you

The numerous and diversified routes, we invite you to get  a Topo Escalade les Calanques de la FFME,  which lists all the routes that can be climbed as well as their level of difficulty in a superb guide. On the V topo ROC calanques Escalade which also includes hiking, deep water solo sections.

Some sectors own a forbidden climb in order to protect nesting.