bol de soupe au Pistou

The pistou soup

An essential part of Provençal cuisine

The Pistou soup is an essential part of Provençal cuisine. It is a convivial summer soup that is usually eaten with family or friends!


The origin of Pistou soup

If today Pistou soup is considered one of the essential recipes of Provençal cuisine, it is indeed from Genoa, Italy, that it originates.
France at the beginning of the century was very attractive to Italian families looking for work, and many of them came to settle in Provence.
It is therefore not uncommon to see certain similarities between the traditions of Provence and those of our Italian neighbours.

What is Pistou?

Pistou‘ is a Provençal word meaning ‘to grind’, it refers to the mortar pestle used to make it. It is a variant of Italian Pesto.

Did you know?

Your family and friends are fans of your Pistou soup? Then come and take part in the World Pistou Soup Championship! It takes place every year in Miramas, and is above all a moment of sharing and conviviality to celebrate the beginning of summer!

What is the real recipe for Pistou soup?

You want to make a Pistou soup and you may be wondering :

What is the right season to make Pistou soup?

Contrary to what you might think, Pistou soup is a summer dish full of flavour and can be eaten hot or cold.

It is a simple and hearty dish made with seasonal vegetables and legumes (green, red and white beans, tomatoes…) and small pasta, all enhanced with pistou (garlic, basil, olive oil).

Like all recipes, there is no single version of the soup with pistou, everyone has his own family recipe, in mine, we add a corner of ham or Italian sausage.

What are the ingredients for Pistou soup?

Ingredients for 4 people: 2 litres of water; 250g of flat green beans; 250g of fresh white beans; 250g of fresh red beans; 3 potatoes; 2 tomatoes; 200g of large vermicelli or coquillettes.

For the pistou sauce: 3 cloves of garlic; a large stalk of basil; 1 large spoonful of grated parmesan; 4 tablespoons of olive oil.

The recipe for Pistou soup

In a pot, put 2 litres of water with 250 g of flat green beans cut into 3, 250 g of fresh white beans, 250 g of fresh red beans, the potatoes cut into cubes and the pulp of the tomatoes; season and let cook. When the soup is three quarters cooked, add the pasta and let it finish cooking over a low heat until it becomes thick.
Then make the pistou sauce: crush the 3 cloves of garlic in a mortar with the leaves of a large basil, then by turning the pestle add the grated parmesan and drizzle with olive oil. Just before serving, put the soup in a tureen and pour the pistou sauce into the soup.