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Culinary specialities of Marseille

and of Provence

Visiting a city also means discovering its gastronomy, and Marseille has plenty to surprise you! Whether it’s in a Michelin-starred restaurant or a friendly neighbourhood eatery, food in Marseille is sacred. Will you be tempted by the indisputable bouillabaisse, or rather a pizza? For lovers of the sea, our fish and seafood will delight your taste buds. And for those with a sweet tooth, there’s panisses and pastis for aperitifs and chichis or navettes for snacks! Enjoy all our specialities from starter to dessert.

calissons_du_roy-rene-aix_en_provence-provence ©DLafont-min (1)calissons_du_roy-rene-aix_en_provence-provence ©DLafont-min (1)
©calissons_du_roy-rene-aix_en_provence-provence ©DLafont-min (1)

Les Calissons d'Aix

A speciality of Aix-en-Provence, in the Bouches-du-Rhône region, calisson is one of the 13 official desserts of Provencal tradition. Deliciously sweet, this confection has survived the ages since the reign of King René without changing its recipe. In fact, it has been a Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) since 2002. With its melt-in-your-mouth tenderness, you won’t be able to resist tasting a calisson d’Aix for long.

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Fish soup

Fish soup is a popular traditional dish. It can be found in other cities around the Mediterranean, but with different recipes. What interests us here is the fish soup of Marseille!

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Le Colombier, the traditional Pentecost cake

Discover this little-known Provencal gourmet tradition: le Colombier, a traditional Pentecost cake made with roasted almonds and melon.

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The ‘oursinades’ in Marseille

According to Marcel Pagnol, no one would ever want to eat a sea urchin if one judged things only by their appearance. With its shell full of black needles, the sea urchin does not make you want to eat it at first sight. However, it is a product that has been highly appreciated by the Mediterranean population since ancient times. Every year, ‘oursinades’ (sea urchin festivals) are held in and around Marseille to promote this ‘sea hedgehog’.

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Where to buy a pompe à l’huile in Marseille?

The pompe à l’huile (pastry made with olive oil) is a must for the 13 Christmas desserts in Provence. Delicately flavoured and very tasty, it is part of the gastronomic traditions of Marseille for the end of year celebrations. Discover where to buy a good pompe à l’huile in Marseille!

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The Pistou soup

The Pistou soup is an essential part of Provençal cuisine. It is a convivial summer soup that is usually eaten with family or friends!


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Bouillabaisse, the traditional fish soup

Bouillabaisse is an emblematic dish of Marseille that you must try during your stay in the Phocaean City. We tell you all about this culinary speciality full of anecdotes, and above all that we like to share!

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The pizza has become a real popular speciality in Marseille. Introduced by Napolitans in 1900, this is a convivial dish which quickly found  its place in our culture and history of Marseille.

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Seafood in Marseille

Taste the freshly caught seafood during your stay in Marseille, it’s a must! There is a wide variety of seafood in the Mediterranean sea. People have been eating seafood since prehistoric times. In fact, it all started with the Neanderthal man, who was already eating it 150,000 years ago according to Spanish studies.

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The navettes of Marseille

Navettes are dry biscuits (shaped as small boats) traditionally prepared for Candlemas instead of pancakes, especially in Marseille. It is a biscuit that was created by Monsieur Aveyrous in 1781. It is eaten cold (like most dry cakes). It is made of wheat flour, sugar, eggs and orange blossom water which gives it its flavour!

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Supions are small squids that we like to cook in Marseille. With garlic, in a sauce or just with a drizzle of olive oil, we can only recommend them! A traditional dish to come and taste in Marseille with your feet in the water…

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Another culinary speciality of Marseille: Panisse of l’Estaque. It came to us thanks to the Italians from Piedmont and Liguria who came to work in the Estaque district factories.

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Pieds paquets

Discover the inescapable dish of “pieds paquets marseillais”, a tripe recipe born in the Pomme district of Marseille.

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Aïoli of Marseille

Although present in many countries and with centuries-old origins, aioli strongly represents Provence and the Midi. Try this Provencal speciality during your stay in Marseille.

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This dish is a must in our region! This meat stew marinated in the red wine of Provence is rooted in our traditions in Marseille. Originally, this dish should have been called ‘Adobe’ or ‘dobe’ which means ‘to arrange’.

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Pastis is an aperitif that evokes sunshine, pleasure, conviviality and life in the cottage! It is the Marseille speciality by excellence for quenching your thirst in the summer heat.

It is one of the “aniseed-flavoured” drinks that have been consumed since the 19th century, on an empty stomach or before a meal, and sparingly, because it is above all a medicinal product! Indeed, it promotes digestion, stimulates the appetite and cures stomach disorders!

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