Tourist office of Marseille and convention bureau

Discover Marseille thanks to the advice of the Tourist Office, which will  inform you about the city’s must-see attractions and all the visits you can make to the heart of the City. It was in 1966 that Marseille, by prefectural decree, acquired its own Municipal Tourist Office.

The Marseille Tourist, Leisure and Convention Bureau, a public industrial and commercial establishment (EPIC), is assimilated to a private management organization,  its administrative and financial structure allowing it to carry out local tourism activities.

Our  missions

In application of the tourism policy decided by the City of Marseille, the Marseille Tourist Office and convention Bureau has three essential missions :

  • To welcome tourists to the city and to the Office ;
  • To promote the  city externally (trade fairs, workshops, press, tours for operators, agencies? conference organisers,etc…)
  • To unite professionals and develop existing tourist offers ( professional club, products development, city pasS, central reservation office,etc…)

Who do we welcome ?

Tourists who are preparing their stay and looking for information when they are already in Marseille, they can purchase tourist products and tickets for events directly from the tourist office.

Tourism professionals outside Marseille, who seek to organize operations in Marseille: tour operators, agencies, conference organisers, etc.

Marseille  professionals to help them structure their offer and promote and/or market it.

Investors in order to advise and guide them in their choice of location (hotels, restaurants, sport activities)

Our Labels

Professional equality index
Result 2024

As the maximum number of points that can be  obtained is less than 75 the index cannot be calculated pay group indicator.

  • Pay gap indicator: not calculable
  • Indicator for the difference in the rate of individual increases: not calculable
  • Indicator of percentage of employees who received a pay rise  following their return from maternity  leave: no return from maternity leave.
  • Indicator of the number of employees of the under-represented gender among the 10 highest earners: 1
    Reference period : 01/01/2023 to 12/31/2023