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From the Goudes to Estaque

Maritime shuttles in Marseille

Every year, from April to the end of September, you can take advantage of the maritime shuttle crossings. Whether they take you north or in the south, it is at the end of the world (from Marseille) that they will drop you off!

Published on 5 August 2021

Towards the Goudes and the Pointe Rouge

The departure of the maritime shuttles takes place at the Old Port, from Monday to Sunday. The Goudes district is a small village located at the gateway to the Calanques. Very popular, it becomes impossible to get around in summer. The best way to get there is by boat.
To reach it, two boats are needed. The first one stops at the Port de la Pointe Rouge and the journey lasts about 30 minutes. The second boat leaves from the Port de la Pointe Rouge and arrives 20 minutes later at Les Goudes.

From the  Vieux-Port  to the  Pointe-Rouge
Departure every hour from 8am to 7pm  (until september) from 8am to 10pm (from June 26 to August 29)
From the Pointe-Rouge to the  Vieux-Port
Departure every hour from 7am to 7pm (until September 26)) from 7am to 10pm (from June 26 to August 29))

From the  Pointe-Rouge to the  Goudes 
Departure every hour from 8.50 am to  7.50 pm (from May 29 to August 29)
From the Goudes to the Pointe-Rouge 
Departure every hour from 9.20am to 8.20pm ( from May 29 to August 29)

Towards the Estaque district

If you want to discover a typical Marseille fishing district, go to the Estaque district on the other side of Marseille, towards the north. Here you can enjoy local specialities such as the famous panisses or chichis-fregis. Shuttles take you there from Monday to Sunday from the Old Port. The journey lasts about 35 minutes.

From the Vieux-Port to  l’Estaque
Departure every hour from 8.30am to 7.30pm (until September 26)  from 8.30am to 10.30pm (from June 26 to August 29)

From l’Estaque to the Vieux-Port
Departure every hour from 7.30am to 7.30pm (until September 26)) from 7.30am to 10.30pm (from June 26 to  August 29)

Useful information

Tickets are only purchased on board the ships.

Price per trip:  5€
Vieux-Port > Estaque
Vieux-Port > Pointe-Rouge
Pointe-Rouge > Les Goudes

Price per trip :  8€
Vieux-Port > Les Goudes

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More distant destinations

The city of Marseille also allows you to reach other cities from the Joliette’s Port. You can choose between several destinations such as  Corsica (Ajaccio, Bastia, Île Rousse, Porto-Vecchio and Propriano), Algeria (Bejaia, Oran, Algiers and Skikda),  Morocco (Tanger Med),  Tunisia (Tunis, Zarzis) and  Sardinia (Porto Torres).  Unfortunately, the Balearic Islands and Porquerolles are not yet included in the destinations from Marseille.
Some companies have their own offices in Marseille. Corsica Linéa  is located at  23 Place de la Joliette for Corsica and the Quai de la Joliette for the Maghreb. You will also have at your disposal the sales point of La Méridionale  located in the Immeuble Calypso, 4 Place Henri Verneuil as well as Algérie Ferries located at 58 Boulevard des Dames.