Vue sur la calanque de la mounine et l'archipel de riou

The Mounine calanque

and its magnificent view of the Riou archipelago

The Mounine cove is certainly not the best known and yet it is worth the diversions! This narrow and shallow cove has an undeniable charm.

A cove rich in flora and fauna

From Callelongue, the Mounine cove is located halfway between the Semaphore pass and the Marseilleveyre cove.

This small, very narrow and shallow cove is home to an exceptional fauna and flora.

Its numerous cavities offer a natural shelter to scorpion fish, sars, starfish and other sea urchins.

At the exit of the cove, the depth becomes greater and remains so until the islet of Mounine. From this islet, which is sometimes subject to strong current winds, the Plateau des chèvres (about 10 metres deep) begins, linking the coast to the islands of Jarre and Jarron opposite.

Did you know ?

In Provençal, the term mounine means… female sex! The natural shape of the calanque would explain this… This term is itself originally derived from “mona”, the guenon, which was introduced into the Romance languages through the primate trade…

Access the Mounine calanque

By public transport 

From the Castellane metro station (line 1), take bus line 19 to its terminus “Les Goudes”, then line 20 towards “Callelongue”. Get off at the terminus.

By car 

Drive along the seafront to the Prado beaches or along the Avenue du Prado, then take the direction of Les Goudes.

Hiking from Callelongue

The easiest way is to take the long-distance footpath (GR51-98) which runs along the coast. Or for the more sporty, to cut across the semaphore pass overlooking Callelongue!
Approximately 30 minutes of walking…beware of slippery rocks! Good walking shoes required!

/!\ The environment you will cross during this hike is fragile. Be careful with the flora and do not disturb the local fauna. Take your rubbish home with you and also collect any rubbish you find.