Vue sur l'archipel de riou depuis la baie des singes

The Goudes Calanques

on the other side of Marseille

If you move away from the hectic heart of the city centre, you can discover a wild and natural land. There is only one road leading to it, and depending on the time of year, you will have to be patient to reach your destination. But the place is worth the diversions: discover the end of the world of Marseille, les Goudes!

The village of the Goudes

Les Goudes in Provençal LEI GOUDO is a district at the gates of the Calanques of Marseille. You will find a small fishing and sailing port. This district with the appearance of a small village has always been nicknamed “the other side of the world” by the inhabitants of Marseille.

Indeed, being located at the entrance of the Calanques massif, the road continues to the Callelongue Calanque. The picturesque setting of the village of Les Goudes attracts many tourists and hikers.

Walking around this small port, one can admire small huts and fishermen’s boats, which makes this place particularly attractive and emblematic! It has been preserved and has kept its authenticity. You can also admire the Marseilles ‘barquettes’ (small typical boats) along the port which are part of its charm of yesteryear…

Access to the Goudes

The village of the Goudes benefits of a spectacular view on the bay of Marseille. Across, you can see the Maïre island, neighbour to the famous ‘baie des singes’ (monkey’s bay) ! 

As for the access to the Goudes, it is known for being very packed (only one road leads to it!). Moreover, it offers only very restricted parking spaces compared to the touristic flux !

Practical information

It exists multiple ways of going to the Goudes without a vehicle : 

  • The maritime shuttles from the Old Port, every hour for a cost of 8 euros per trip including a connection to the bus, metro and tram. Or if you have a monthly, annual or even weekly transport pass! The crossing will be included and free.
  • From the metro station (line 2) Rond- point du Prado, bus 19 to the terminus in the direction of Madrague de Montredon plus bus 20 in the direction of Callelongue (Stop: les Goudes).

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