Assiettes de Supions à l'ail et au Persil


Small squids, in all kinds of sauces!

Supions are small squids that we like to cook in Marseille. With garlic, in a sauce or just with a drizzle of olive oil, we can only recommend them! A traditional dish to come and taste in Marseille with your feet in the water…

Its nutritional value

Supions have a high copper content, which helps the absorption of iron in our body and is therefore very good for our health and well-being. In fact, we can only recommend them for your consumption!

In addition, they contain phosphorus, calcium and many vitamins.

They also protect against arthritis thanks to their selenium content.

These small molluscs are called ‘supions’ in France, but they are also called ‘chipirons’ on the Basque coast, for example. They are in fact young squids.


They should be white and firm. When cooked over a high heat, the flesh cooks quickly.

A tip for knowing when your dish is ready? Check their opacity and you will be sure! However, the cooking will vary according to taste, of course!

You won’t need many ingredients to make a success of your dish. Supions have the great advantage of being able to be cooked in many ways! (garlic, lemon, olive oil or spices etc )

How to cook them

Everything is edible in supions except the ‘feather’ which is called ‘solid’. Supions come in different sizes. However, regardless of the size, it is still edible. Its flesh is soft but it all depends on how you cook it. If not prepared properly, it can be rubbery. As mentioned earlier, supions can be cooked in many different ways (fried, sautéed, etc.). In any case, it is still a very low-calorie dish with many nutritional benefits. Their ink is also used to colour pasta (which is an excellent accompaniment to supions).

Here are some suggestions for preparation:

– Supions with garlic
– Fried supions
– Supions Provençal style
– Supions Armorican style
– As tapas for the aperitif!
– Supions in ink
– Supions in parsley

You can of course cook them with pasta and potatoes and many other things…