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What to do in Marseille when it's hot?

Marseille is renowned for its bright sunshine and summer temperatures. With summer in full swing, you may be looking for ingenious ways to escape the heat and enjoy Marseille to the full. Fortunately, the Phocaean city is full of refreshing activities that offer a welcome respite from the scorching sun. Here are a few suggestions for keeping cool while exploring our beautiful city.

Published on 28 September 2023
Mélanie Trible

Hiding in Museums and Art Galleries

Take advantage of the hottest hours of the day to explore Marseille’s museums and art galleries. There are around thirty museums in Marseille, with something for everyone: the Soap Museum, the Museum of Illusion, the Pastis Museum, or the must-see MUCEM, the Natural History Museum or the Château Borély… Twenty of these museums are free! So make the most of it!

Relax on a shady terrace

When the heat is at its peak, there’s nothing like relaxing in one of the many cafés offering shaded terraces. Enjoy a cool drink, an ice cream or a light salad while watching the world go by. The Place aux Huiles, the Old Port and even the Panier are full of options where you can rest and refresh yourself.

A stroll through Marseille's parks and gardens

Marseille’s gardens and parks offer a true interlude of greenery, far from the concrete and asphalt. The Parc Borély, with its verdant expanses and soothing lake, is perfect for a relaxing stroll. The Jardin du Pharo, offering panoramic views over the Old Port, is also an ideal choice for a peaceful getaway and to enjoy a beautiful sunset at the end of the day.

Caving adventure

Opt for a refreshingly original activity! There are several caving sites in the Marseille area where you can spend a day or half-day exploring caves and caverns. With temperatures hovering around 16 degrees, this is an activity recommended in summer if you want to avoid the Marseille sun.

Opt for a cinema session

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in an immersive experience while avoiding the heat, a cinema session could be the perfect answer. Dark rooms offer a cinematic escape where you can lose yourself in imaginary worlds or experience thrilling adventures, all in a comfortably air-conditioned atmosphere. Now you just have to choose the movie!

Apnea baptism

Dive into a unique and refreshing experience by opting for a freediving experience off the coast of Marseille. This immersive aquatic adventure lets you explore crystal-clear waters. Holding your breath, you embark on a captivating journey to the heart of an underwater kingdom, where tranquility reigns and every movement instantly refreshes you.

All in all, Marseille offers a multitude of activities to escape the summer heat. Whether you prefer to venture out into nature, soak up culture or simply relax in shady spots, this dynamic city has everything to offer. So put aside the sun and make the most of the beautiful city of Marseille!