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Discover a selection of exhibitions currently taking place or about to open in Marseille. From the Museum of decorative Arts to the Mucem and the Museum of Marseille History, you’re bound to find something to suit your taste for a cultural outing with your family, friends or alone.

Published on 18 November 2023

Around the city center

Poésie et Lumière – Jean-Pierre Blanche

1 December 2023 > 21 April 2024
Regards de Provence Museum
This exhibition celebrates the work of Jean-Pierre Blanche, an emblematic artist of the Southern art scene. It coincides with the 10th anniversary of the Musée Regards de Provence and the 25th anniversary of the Regards de Provence Foundation and Association in 2023. Jean-Pierre Blanche, born in 1927 and deceased in 2022, is recognized for his ability to transcribe the Mediterranean landscape in all its diversity. His work is characterized by a sensitive touch, marked by a keen sense of rhythm, space, and color. The exhibition brings together a rich collection of his work, including portraits and visions of the South, nature, the seaside, and the night.
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Nuit (Night)

6 October 2023 > 21 January 2024
Museum of Natural History

Night is a natural phenomenon that has always fascinated mankind. Often synonymous with mystery, it can attract, impress or frighten. The exhibition takes visitors on a journey to discover the starry sky and a forest with its nocturnal inhabitants in full activity, as well as a quiet space about sleep and dreams… before ending with a look at the myths and monsters of the night.
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40 years of the march for equality and against racism

15 October 2023 >14 January 2024
Marseille History Museum

Starting out in the Cayolle district of Marseille’s 9th arrondissement, a group of young people marched through several of the city’s districts before embarking on a march full of hope across the whole of France, bringing together more than 100,000 people and arriving in Paris in December 1983. The aim of this militant march was to raise awareness of the discrimination and racism prevalent at the time. But has anything changed in 40 years?
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Fashion Folklore

12 July 2023 > 8 janvier 2024
A dialogue between haute couture and traditional costumes. Nearly 300 items on loan from museums and the Mucem’s collections are on display for this exceptional exhibition.
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Anise Museum

Would you like to know the secrets of anise and its different uses? Come and visit the Mx Experience! This interactive, digital and innovative place.
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In the area of Marseille

Water and humanity

21 october2023 > 30 march 2024
Château d’if
Fifteen black and white photographs by artist photographer Emeric Feher on the theme of water.

Asia in fantasy. Stories of exoticism in the decorative arts in Provence in the 18th and 19th centuries

23 June 2023 > 19 May 2024
Château Borély – Museum of Decorative Arts, Earthenware and Fashion
It is this great attraction to Asian “exoticism” in Marseille and the surrounding region that the exhibition highlights through nearly 400 works from or inspired by a dream of Asia, from Turkey to Japan.
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At Our Neighbours

Mucha, master of Art Nouveau

17 November 2023 > 24 March 2024
Hôtel de Caumont – Aix-en-Provence

This year, the Hôtel de Caumont, in collaboration with the Mucha Foundation, is devoting its winter exhibition to the great master of Art Nouveau, Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939). This artist revolutionised his contemporaries’ approach to art by applying his distinctive aesthetic to a wide range of fields, including posters, advertising, interior decoration and the theatre of the Belle Époque. Nearly 120 works from the Mucha Foundation will be on show at this exhibition.
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