What to do in Marseille when it rains?

Both sky and sea are grey? It doesn’t matter, there is  no reason not to enjoy the city when the sun is out! There is so much to do in Marseille. Here is an exhaustive list of activities to do in Marseille when it rains.

Published on 7 October 2022

Have a drink in front of the Good Mother

There is nothing better than a coffee break to enjoy a cool or a hot drink, depending on your mood! A coffee, a chocolate or a fruit juice, whatever you drink, sit comfortably on the  Vieux-Port, near the Town Hall, in one of the many bars or brasseries that are facing the unmissable Notre-Dame de la Garde, their terraces are generally covered.

Treat yourself to a delicacy

Go to the cinema

Marseille, city of the cinema, is the second most filmed city in France. The people of Marseille also love to go and watch a movie at the cinema, especially when it rains. For that, you have the choice between several cinemas ; l’Artplexe on the  Canebière street, the Pathé la Joliette cinema with a 4DX room, Cinéma du Prado, and if you are more of an auteur cinema, go to the Cinéma les Variétes.

Self-care in a spa

It is grey outside? Why not be pampered in a cosy atmosphere and take care of yourself? Many spas in Marseille are waiting for you for a moment of relaxation. La Bastide des Bains, Spas les 5 mondes, or the Spa by Clarins at the Intercontinental hotel. Let yourself be pampered while it’s raining!

Make a Virtual Reality escape game

Spa is not what you affectionate to do? Don’t be worried, we also have some action for you! Take advantage of the rain to play a virtual reality escape game indoors, immersed in the world of your choice, Illucity offers you to embark on a virtual world! If you prefer to solve riddles and work your brain, choose a more traditional escape games .

Take a cultural bath in Marseille's museums

Take advantage of the gloomy weather and have a cultural bath in the city’s museums  and choose the one that suits you best. And the good news is that most of them are free!

Stepping back in time 30,000 years

Visit a real treasure of the past, the Cosquer Cave you know it? An exceptional underwater discovery reproduced identically in the VillaMéditerranée. A real immersion into prehistory.

Shopping in a safe place

There are no good or bad reasons for window shopping. Especially since in Marseille, shopping centres in the city centre are covered! Discover on the Joliette side, les terrasses du Port or the Docks Village. Near the Old Port you can take shelter in the Centre-Bourse and stroll through the Galeries-Lafayette. If you are heading to the Orange Vélodrome stadium, take a quick trip to the  Centre Prado Shopping.

Rediscover your 5 senses

An extraordinary journey! During 2 hours you will live a unique moment by meeting  fun challenges,  using your 5 senses! SENSAS offers you a unique sensory experience.

Visit the Orange Velodrome backstage

This is the must-see visit in Marseille if you are an OM fan.  Découvrez les coulisses  discover the backstage of this mythical stadium and walk around the dressing rooms, the press area, and even the pitch, if it’s not raining too hard! (Please note that the visits take place durin school holidays!)

The MX - Pastis Museum

Located in the heart of the Docks Village, this place opened in 2021 is a real immersive museum dedicated to Pastis. By visiting its different spaces, you will discover in a unique way the art of living in Marseille. Designed by Pernod-Ricard group, this place is sure to make tou travel!

Find out more about the Mx.