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Behind the scenes at the Velodrome

The OM stadium Tour

To all the OM (‘Olympique de Marseille’, Marseille’s football team) fans out there… have you ever dreamt of going backstage and learning the secrets of this legendary stadium? Whether you’re from Marseille or not, this place is a legend for many and a visit to it won’t leave you indifferent. Let us be your guide and discover what goes on behind the scenes at the Orange Vélodrome, we’ve tested it for you.

Published on 14 December 2023
Virginie Verdi
  • Marseille in 3 words

    Solar, contradictory, bubbling.

  • My favourite neighbourhood

    The Castellane district. Always lively even on Sundays. You can have a drink with friends, have a coffee before going to work or stroll around the market on Saturday morning.

Off to the Velodrome stadium

After buying our tickets online, we took the metro to the famous Stade Orange Vélodrome. It’s very easy to get to, as it’s located right in the city, and we’re there in just a few minutes. We were immediately impressed by the imposing structure. We followed the directions and went straight to the reception desk, where we were offered audio guides (available on hire), but we preferred to decline and explore the stadium on our own.

We were greeted, virtually, by the President of OM, Pablo Longoria himself! He welcomed us and promised us a great visit.

Let the visit begin!

So we climbed the stairs, as the Chairman told us, and arrived in a large area where a number of photos, reproductions and key dates were displayed on the wall. The history of the stadium since its construction, its beginnings, its works and of course its important matches, its victories, but also its major events and concerts – a real discovery!
We continued our visit with a little tour of one of the famous boxes, where the view over the pitch is fabulous and we realise just how big the stadium is. The privileged few who are lucky enough to be able to watch a match from here must be in for a real treat! We stood there for a while, imagining ourselves surrounded on all sides by ecstatic supporters.
After a while, we headed back to the changing rooms, the sports hall, the fitness room and the press conference room, where we took our places behind the podium in the players’ seats – it was almost like being there!

As the tour continues, we put ourselves in the shoes of the players and follow their journey from the dressing room to the pitch. It was to the tune of Van Halen that we took this mythical corridor to tread (just a little) the Vélodrome pitch! Quite a feeling if you’re an OM fan. We were offered the chance to try out the players’ seats at the edge of the pitch, so we didn’t hesitate for a second and headed for the Olympique de Marseille side!

So here we are, on the edge of the pitch, admiring this huge field and this exceptional pitch, which, it has to be said, is extremely well looked after!
Seen from up here, the stadium is truly gigantic, and in a soothing silence, with only a few sounds echoing, you can almost hear the chanting of the supporters, who set the stands on fire the day before!

These seats are decidedly comfortable and we stay here for a long time… But it’s time to leave the place anyway, and head for the stands just above, where the view is just as breathtaking, but the comfort of the seats is not the same!

We end our tour in the trophy room, where the famous Champions League Cup won in 1993 sits on its pedestal, a real treasure trove for Phocaean city supporters.

This visit is a wonderful discovery. You can take it at your own pace, staying as long as you like. When you leave, you’ll know everything there is to know about the history of the Velodrome and, of course, OM!