Lever De Soleil dans le Parc National Des Calanques
The best spots to see

the sunrise in Marseille

Where to see the most beautiful sunrises in Marseille? We have made a selection of the best spots to see the sunrise on the seafront city.

Published on 27 May 2021

We often talk about sunsets but what about sunrises and their beautiful pinkish colour? Sure you have to get out of bed a bit earlier to admire the show, but it is worth it!  Whether you are in the middle of nature or in the heart of the city, Marseille is full of good addresses to photograph the first lights of the day.

‘Palais du Pharo’

Overlooking the mythical ‘Vieux-port’ (old port), the ‘Palais du Pharo’ – located in a green park (the Emile Duclaux park)- enjoys  a superb light on the boats of the ‘Vieux-Port’ in the early morning. You will be able to  stroll quietly in the flower alleys, and enjoy a magnificent view of the city centre waking up.

The “Bonne Mère” (the Good Mother)

Located on the top of the hill of ‘La Garde’and culminating 148m of height, the ‘Notre-Dame de la Garde’ basilica is a must-see spot for a 360° panorama of Marseille. From morning to evening the sun shines theret and creates beautiful colours on the emblematic city.

The calanques

And why not enjoy the Calanques national park at dawn to avoid the crowd of visitors? The sunrise is the ideal moment in the day to benefit from the charm of these protected areas. The Calanques are all the more photogenic and the harmony with nature is even more present.

‘La croix de Saint Marcel’ (the saint Marcel cross)

Step out of the beaten tracks and admire during an easy hike, the first rays of sunshine that light up the valleys. Once at the cross, the view of the valley of ‘Huveaune’ is breathtaking! (access from the Barasse, bus n°15, n°15S, or 40. Small parking for car access).

The ‘Corniche Kennedy’

Connecting the city centre of Marseille to the beaches, the ‘corniche Kennedy’ runs along the sea, and benefits from numerous points of view on the Frioul islands, the If castle ” Château d’If”… for he more sporty, the sunrise can also be savored by opting for a small jogging, in order to get ready for the day!

The ‘Massif de l’Etoile’

To start the day outside of the city, go and discover f the ‘Chaîne de l’Etoile’, and enjoy a panoramic view of the entire bay of Marseille, in a quiet and peaceful place.

The ‘fortin des Goudes’

The other side of Marseille… has to be appreciated early in the morning! That will prevent you from getting stuck in the endless traffic jams of the afternoon. The view on the Cap Croisette, the “Maïre island”, and the “Riou archipelago” is breathtaking. So set your alarm clock earlier and you will not be disappointed!

Now that you know everything, all you have to do is to watch at what time the sun rises tomorrow morning!