Rugby Tour France 2023

September 8-9-10, 2022

France will host the 10th Rugby World Cup next year. The kick-off will be given on September 8, 2023. A great event, followed by millions of people around the world. Marseille has been chosen to be one of the 10 host cities of this great competition and will host no less than 6 matches ! To make us wait, many events are organised throughout the year. Since last July 21, the France 2023 Rugby Tour by SNCF is traveling across France to highlight this competition, much to the delight of oval ball fans. It will stop on the 8th, 9th and 10th of September in Marseille. We’ll tell you all about it.

Published on 30 August 2022

What is the France 2023 Rugby Tour ?

An immediate boarding for the Rugby World Cup !

From July 21st to November 12th, an exhibition train of 4 wagons is crossing France, stopping  in 51 towns. Intended for everyone, this train will immerse you in the world of Rugby. On board, you will discover the history of rugby, fun activities and above all the Famous Webb Ellis Trophy, the ultimate award given to the winner every four years.

This stopover in the city of Marseille will take place on the 8th, 9th and 10th of September, at the Saint-Charles train station, so don’t miss the train! It will then continue its journey with our neighbours in Toulon.

This stopover at Saint-Charles train station will not be the only entertainment of the weekend, since the trip will continue in town, on the J4 Esplanade, where a Rugby village will be set up for 2 days to the delight of the little ones. Sports events, exhibitions, meetings with players, a festive weekend around this discipline, where conviviality and sharing will be at the center of this meeting.