Life-size escape game in the streets of Marseille

Want to discover Marseille and its city centre while solving a detective story? We’ve put together a treasure hunt for you, a fun and historic way to discover the Phocaean city.

Chloé Tixier
  • Marseille in 3 words

    Cosmopolitan, lively, warm.

  • My favourite neighbourhood

    Endoume. For the beauty of the architecture, the unique view, the meeting of all the populations of Marseille at the edge of the creeks.

A treasure hunt that combines culture, sightseeing and puzzles!

We’ve put this outdoor treasure hunt to the test for you, so you can discover Marseille city centre! It’s an interesting mix of sightseeing, city history and riddles, and it’s ideal for keeping young and old alike enthralled!

When we booked this outdoor escape game, a mysterious e-mail was sent to us a few days beforehand giving us the meeting place and our mission, as well as a code to find in the form of a charade. First, we had to find the four-digit code, which we had to hand in at the meeting point! After a bit of guesswork and research, we’re convinced we’ve found it and we’re keeping it safe until the big day.

On the day of the activity, we met at a hairdressing salon in Marseille’s 1st arrondissement, just off Place Jean-Jaures. It was a lovely little hairdressing salon, and the owner quickly understood why we were there! To access the clue box, we first had to give her our famous password, and after a few moments of suspense, bingo, it was the right one!

Solve an investigation using the city’s heritage

From the Cours Julien to the Old Port

This kit contains several items: pens, a notebook, several clues, a list of potential culprits and a booklet of 19 riddles! The aim is simple: to solve a detective story and find the culprit using the clues found and, of course, Marseille’s architectural, artistic and cultural heritage.

And off we go! The investigation begins in Marseille’s 1st and 6th arrondissements, between the Cours Julien district, the starting point, and the Prefecture. Armed with our instructions, we set off along the route, trying to answer riddles of varying complexity – and there are many of them – and we’re already trying to work out who the potential culprit might be… but it’s still too vague.

We continue to wander around the Cours Julien district, using the graffiti – a real artistic feat – to answer other riddles.

As we wander through the narrow streets, this open-air art gallery is full of clues. Use the graffiti and understand their message, count the statues in front of the Palais des Arts in Place Carli, or discover the inscriptions on the walls of the buildings in the Préfecture district. This outdoor escape game will give you a whole new insight into our city, down to the very last detail!

From the Préfecture, the riddles take us through the narrow streets of the Vieux-Port, and take us on a tour of the different cultural sites in the Phocaean and its history.

We’ve found the culprit!

We’re continuing our journey and we’re doing pretty well! (Although, admittedly, we did need a bit of help at times).

After more than two hours wandering around the town, we’ve got a pretty good idea of the culprit… So we had to go and expose him! We left Marseille’s 1st arrondissement and started to arrive in the 7th, very close to the Abbaye Saint-Victor, where we were trying to solve our last riddles.

We’re sure we’ve found the culprit!

We ended up in a shop in Marseille (I can’t tell you which one) and gave them the name of the culprit. Well done, we’ve solved the case!

Each of us receives a small congratulatory gift, and our great stroll through the Phocaean city comes to an end!

This outdoor escape game taught us a lot about Marseille and, above all, allowed us to look up details that go unnoticed most of the time, but which are often real historical gems! It’s a fun, family-friendly way to discover France’s oldest city!