Kouss-Kouss Festival 2023

Aug. 25, 2023 > Sept. 3, 2023

The Kouss-Kouss Festival is your not-to-be-missed end-of-summer event! Restaurants, food shops, cultural venues, everyone gathers around this unique dish to propose their own recipe. This year’s guests of honor are the kings of the Mediterranean Sea: blue fish, with a special – and very Marseillaise – focus on the sardine. The whole of Marseille will be vibrating to the rhythm of the Kouss-Kouss Festival!

Published on 27 July 2023

Blue fish

After a fifth edition devoted to chilli and harissa, Kouss.Kouss returns this year with a new theme: blue fish. Sardines and anchovies, but also tuna, mackerel and other marine species in the colors of the sea have long populated the culinary heritage of the Mediterranean, and even the Phocaean imagination. Wasn’t it a sardine that once clogged the Old Port?

A rich and varied program

For this sixth edition, chef Rabah Ourrad, first known as Donquishoot and leader of Algerian rap group MBS, will take to the stage on Friday August 25, with his musician friends, for the album Muqawama (resistance) – a nod to the first edition of Kouss.Kouss, which was marked by a concert by another star of contemporary Algerian music, Rachid Taha.

On the occasion of the festival’s opening weekend, August 25 and 26 on the roof terrace of La Friche, Rabah Ourrad will also be concocting several couscous in the company of other chefs.

The program will then unfold, all week long, in nearly one hundred Marseille venues: emerging or Michelin-starred restaurants, solidarity canteens, kitchens run by residents’ associations, food shops, hardware stores unlike any others…

Did you know?

“Kouss Kouss” is the sound produced by the pestle when grinding wheat, but also one of the first names given to this dish of Berber origin, which has become emblematic of the entire Maghreb.