2600 years of tradition

Marseille is true to its traditions ans love of merrymaking

Over the centuries Marseille has preserved its traditiions and unique lifestyle.

Marseille invites you to take a walk down the legendary Canebière, to stroll around the Old Harbour with its fish market and take a ride on the famous ferry-boat.

As the capital of soap-making and the home of the world-famous santons (Christmas crib figures representing well-known figures in Provencal life).
Marseille holds festivals all year round, such as the boat-shaped biscuits known as navettes eaten at Candlemas, the Carnival, waterjousting at l'Estaque, the Kite-flying Festival and the Santon fair.

Real lovers of popular tradition will be enthralled by the Musée du Terroir Marseillais de Château-Gombert (Marseille Museum of Folk Culture) at Château-Gombert.