Marseille metro lines

In France, Marseille is among the 6 cities that have an underground network,. It is managed by the Régie des Transports de Marseille called RTM, who are also in charge of the bus and tram network. To date, there are two metro lines running in Marseille, linking north to south and east to west: line M1 and line M2. The metro ticket price is set at 1.70€. The metro network generally runs every day from 5am to midnight.

Marseille : 2 metro lines

Marseille’s metro network comprises two lines: line M1 (line 1) and M2 (line 2):

  • Line M1 

The M1 line connects La Rose in the north of the city to La Fourragère in the east. It has a total of 18 stations.  Some of the main stations served by the M1 line are La Timone, Cinq Avenues Longchamp, Vieux-Port and Réformés/Canebière.

  • Line M2

The M2 line connects Sainte-Marguerite Dromel, located in the south of the city to  Gèze, located in the north of Marseille.  It has a total of 13 stations. Some of the main stations served by the M2 line are Rond-Point du Prado, Castellane, Notre-Dame du Mont – Cours Julien and Joliette. The two metro lines cross at Castellane and Saint-Charles stations, providing a convenient connection between the two lines. The stations are now equipped with Open Payment terminal, allowing you to use your credit card as a ticket by simply paying for your trip without contact directly via these terminals. If you need assistance or want to take out a RTM subscription,  several reception points are available to help you in the metro stations such as Castellane, Saint-Charles, Vieux-Port, Gèze, La Rose and Sainte-Marquerite from Monday to Sunday from 6.50am to 7:40pm. A reception point directly located in the city center is also available next to the mall “Centre Bourse”, at 6 Rue des Fabres, from Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 6.30pm. The RTM mobile application (available on the  Play Store and  App Store) allows you to have real-time information on the arrivals and departures of the different buses and metros.  You can also calculate a route to a specific destination, the application will then suggest the most suitable and fastest transport route for your destination.

Getting around Marseille by metro

The metro provides an easy and efficient way to get around the city and reach various popular neighborhoods and attractions. The network offers quick access, far from Marseille’s road  traffic jams. The trains remain relatively modern and spacious. Spaces dedicated to people with reduced mobility and pushchairs are present. The trains are also equipped with sound systems for announcements and information to passengers. The 4G mobile network is available in the stations as well as directly in the metro, allowing you to browse the internet during your journeys. As for the stations, some have escalators or lifts to facilitate access to the platforms for everyone. The stations also have information boards with metro timetables, line maps and possible connections, but you can also find this information on the official RTM website site officiel de la RTM, with additional traffic information. The frequency of the metros is quite regular, between 5 and 10minutes during rush hours and 10 to 15 minutes outside peak  hours. To ensure greater safety for its passengers, RTM has installed security systems with surveillance cameras in the stations and on board the trains. Security guards may also be present to ensure passenger safety.

Connections and accessibility

The RTM does everything it can to facilitate the daily travel of its residents and holidaymakers. Enjoy fast access to the city’s best attractions, as well as the most beautiful tourist beaches. To get to the famous Notre-Dame de la Garde basilica, you can take line 1 to the “Vieux-Port – Hôtel de Ville”.  From there, you can take the bus 60 which will lead you to the basilica. To get to the historic Panier district, you can take the metro line 1 and get off at the”Vieux-Port – Hôtel de Ville”. The Panier district is accessible on foot from this station. To get to the Mucem (modern museum located in the Old Port) you can take the metro line1 and get off at “Vieux-Port – Hôtel de Ville”. The MuCEM is ten-minute walk from this station. To get to the Palais du Pharo by metro, you can get on the line 1 to the station “Vieux-Port – Hôtel de Ville”. From there, you can walk or take the bus 83 to reach the Palais du Pharo.