The sea wall

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La digue à la mer 13200 Arles
The dam to the sea was built in 1859 to protect the Camargue to marine intrusions. The exchange of water between the sea and the ponds are made through valves, known as pertuis.
1 parking at the lighthouse Gacholle (parking of the Countess), take the dam to the sea in the direction of the Gacholle lighthouse. In front of the lighthouse and continue for 3 km on the trails. You enter the territory of the National Reserve of Camargue which is a wild area very rich but also very fragile. As a result, stay on the seawall and the indicated paths.
2. you can admire the beach by taking the path left near the old customs post. Otherwise continue on the dike to...
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The sea wall
La digue à la mer 13200 Arles
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