Plage Calanque St Estève

  • Leisure
  • Water sports
  • Beach / Bathing Area
Ile de Ratonneau Calanque Saint Estève 13007 Marseille 7ème
To reach the beach of the calanque St Estève, you have to start by coming to the Vieux-Port in Marseille.
Plage de la calanque St Estève
To reach "Plage de la calanque St Estève", you first need to come to Marseille's Old Port (Vieux Port), where you can get the Frioul Express boat bus to the offshore islands. The 15-minute crossing takes you past Château d’If (of Count of Monte Cristo fame) and on to the pretty port of the Frioul archipelago, lined with restaurant terraces. If you head along the shore to the right you will come to this gorgeous natural fjord, with its half-sand, half-pebble...
  • Equipment
  • Toilets

  • Public WC

  • Beach

  • showers

  • First aid station

  • Services
  • Supervised beach

Plage Calanque St Estève
Ile de Ratonneau Calanque Saint Estève 13007 Marseille 7ème
  • On an island
  • Waterside
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