Visit the Regards de Provence Museum

And its magnificent panoramic view

The Regards de Provence museum showcases collections of paintings, sculptures, photographs and drawings related to Marseille, Provence and the Mediterranean, from the 18th century to the present day. It also hosts numerous temporary exhibitions featuring modern and contemporary art. You will be charmed by its panoramic view of the port of La Joliette, Fort Saint Jean, the Mucem and the Villa Méditerranée.

The history of the Regards de Provence Museum

The conversion of the sanitary station

The Regards de Provence Museum was set up in the former Health Station, built in 1946, on the occasion of “Marseille Provence, European Capital of Culture”, in 2013.

The history of the Station Sanitaire is important for the city, as it was one of the main entry points and departure points for travellers and immigrants to Marseille.

This rehabilitation and transformation into a cultural venue was aimed at establishing its structure in a permanent location in the city, and was redesigned to be dedicated to the collection of the Regards de Provence Foundation.

Located on the seafront, between the Cathedral of La Major, the Mucem and the Villa Méditerranée, the Regards de Provence museum is at the heart of an important cultural centre.

The museum’s collections

More than 1,000m2 of exhibition space

The 1,215 m2 of exhibition space offer the museum a wide range of permanent and temporary collections. Over the years, the Regards de Provence Foundation has succeeded in bringing together numerous works linked to the South.

Ambrogiani, Audibert, Barry, Chabaud, Dufy, Dyf, Friesz, Garibaldi, Guigou, Henry d’Arles, Lacroix de Marseille, Lhote, Lombard, Manguin, Monticelli, Olive, Ponson, Surian, Valtat, Verdilhan, Ziem and many others are the artists represented in the collection of the Regards de Provence, which spans four centuries.

This diversity and wide range of works allow the museum to continually renew its collections. Most of the exhibitions are temporary, with the theme of the South and Provence, in order to pay a real tribute to our region.

An artistic heritage linked to the South

With the theme of the beauty of the landscapes that surround us, freedom and the history of the cities, the museum’s vocation is to raise cultural and artistic awareness.

Over the years, the Regards de Provence foundation has built up an important artistic heritage of more than 850 works linked in one way or another to the southern region.

The place now offers 2,300 m2 of space, including four exhibition areas, a restaurant with a terrace offering a panoramic view of the port, a bookshop, a L’Occitane boutique and a reception area.

While respecting the history of the resort, the Foundation has transformed it into a space dedicated to classical, modern and contemporary art in all its forms.

It was on the occasion of Marseille-Provence, “European Capital of Culture”, that the Regards de Provence museum opened its doors in March 2013. As part of the renewal of the Euroméditerranée district and its cultural dynamic, the building thus regains its function as a gateway to the Marseille area.

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