Bois Luzy - Château de Bois Luzy © WG OTLCM (3)Bois Luzy - Château de Bois Luzy © WG OTLCM (3)
©Bois Luzy - Château de Bois Luzy © WG OTLCM (3)

The Bois Luzy district

Bois Luzy in Marseille is a residential neighborhood in the city’s 12th arrondissement located in the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region. Although administratively attached to the Saint-Barnabé, Bois Luzy is a name still used in the everyday vocabulary of Marseillais. Located close to Montolivet, Saint Julien or Les Trois Lucs, it is much appreciated by families who come to settle here for its verdant landscape and its services and infrastructures of commerce, transport, education, leisure, sport, culture and health.

Le château de Bois Luzy

The château de Bois Luzy, dating back to the 17th century, was originally an estate belonging to Robert de Ruffi, extending over vineyards, olive groves, meadows… In 1853, Charles Auguste Bazin bought the estate for his wife Louise, known as “Luzi”, as a second home, and built a château. The estate changed owners over the years, each adding his or her own personal touch: mosaics, construction of a housing estate, etc. The City of Marseille bought part of the estate in 1927 to build a day-care center, a school, a kindergarten, a stadium and a secondary school, while retaining a green space. In 1939, the château was used as a police rest home, and in 1940 it was requisitioned by German army units. Since 1947, it has been entrusted to a social tourism association, which has turned it into a youth hostel welcoming tourists from all over the world and offering numerous events.

Did you know?

The history of Château de Bois Luzy is closely linked to that of Notre-Dame de la Garde. The Comtesse de Saint Alary donated the château’s chandelier for the basilica, and it remained in place until the 1950s. The Italian mosaicists who worked on the Notre-Dame de la Garde basilica also created that of the Château du Bois Luzy. At the foot of the château, you’ll get a breathtaking view of Marseille and Notre-Dame de la Garde.

Sites of interest in the Bois Luzy district

The Bois Luzy district is a residential area that is home to a variety of leisure facilities. The Parc de la Moline, awarded the ecojardin label for its ecological management, extends over 11 hectares of almond, maple and oak trees. This pleasant green space also enables pedestrians and cyclists to reach the north and east of the city. The park is much appreciated for its playgrounds, vegetable garden, educational pond and fountains… a true haven of peace in the city. At the heart of Parc de la Moline, Bastide Ranque has been completely refurbished to accommodate Relais Nature, which offers environmental education for children, and the CIQ and associations of the Bois Luzy and Montolivet neighborhoods. From the outside, it retains its authentic 1820 appearance. A stroll through the park will also reveal the green theater with its stage and bleachers, which hosts the Festival de la Moline in summer (dance, music, comedy…), among other events.

Sports enthusiasts can train at the Bois Luzy sports complex, which offers a wide range of sporting activities (note that most of these require prior registration with a sports club): basketball, handball, judo, karate, wrestling, tennis, table tennis, volleyball…

How do I get to Bois Luzy?

The Bois Luzy district in the 12th arrondissement is served by line 1 of the métro, getting off at the La Fourragère or Saint-Barnabé stop, but also by various bus lines (6, 7, 72 and 9) and the departmental line 240, which passes through Aubagne and La Penne sur Huveaune in the Bouches du Rhône department. The district is crossed by the L2, Marseille’s ring road that links the A7 to the north of the city and the A50 to the east, bypassing the city center.