Rive Neuve (South shore of the Old Port)

  • Historic site and monument
  • Historic patrimony
  • Historic district
Quai De Rive Neuve 13001 Marseille 1er
The former Arcenaulx of Marseille occupied a space between the rue Breteuil, the quai des Belges, the quai de Rive-Neuve and the rue Fort Notre-Dame.
The Thiars place.
The history of the Arcenaulx began under Charles VIII at the end of the 15th century and ended in the middle of the 18th century when the last galley slaves were distributed among the chiourmes of Brest, La Rochelle and Toulon.

About 10,000 galley slaves lived there in deplorable conditions, chained day and night, freezing to death in winter (especially in 1710 when the port froze!), suffocating from the heat in summer... Nevertheless, some of them kept stores on the...
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Rive Neuve (South shore of the Old Port)
Quai De Rive Neuve 13001 Marseille 1er
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