Place de Lenche

  • Historic site and monument
  • Historic patrimony
  • Square
  • 20th C
Place De Lenche 13002 Marseille 2ème
It is one of the most ancient sites of Marseille, one can even say that it was the center of ancient life since all archaeologists agree that the Agora of the Massaliotes was located on the current site of the Place de Lenche.
Moreover, the Rue Caisserie, which in the ancient world was called the Voie Décumane, and which was the main axis of Marseille's traffic, ended at the Place de Lenche. Below on the south side, the buildings of the Abbey of Saint Sauveur, the women's monastery created in the 5th century by Saint Cassian, have been discovered. It was for a long time called Saint Sauveur square.
The northern part of the square was occupied by a royal foundry created by Louis XII in 1507, but which was...
Place de Lenche
Place De Lenche 13002 Marseille 2ème
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